01 December 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Yay! December is here!  There is so much to do and so much to see!  We are having so much fun picking out gifts together for our friends and family.  And the kids love watching me wrap the gifts.  Julia asks me again and again, "Who's that for?"  And I'll tell her and she'll go, "Oh, it's for _______." And then a few seconds later she'll ask me the same question.  At the Mall and in the stores she says, "Where's Saint Nicholas?"  "I say hi to him???"  She loves waving to Santa and thinks he is so nice to wave back, she'll say, "Awww, That's so nice!"  She really cracks me up!

I'm looking forward to some great times ahead of us this month.  Friday, my mom is coming over to tuck the kids in as I go to a friend's house from my Ladies Bible Study because she's having a pajama party for all of us.  Then Saturday morning we have a Christmas Craft Crop me and a friend put together for the women at our church to make cards and some Christmas crafts.

This weekend John doesn't know it just yet, but I'd love to go to the Giamerese farm in East Brunswick and pick out our tree!

Next Friday is our Christmas Glamour & Gifts gathering at the church for some dessert, tea/coffee, a fashion show and a guest speaker who will be sharing her testimony and the gospel.

Next Saturday our church is having a Christmas Story presentation which I'd love to take my Julia and Mark to see.  Since our church is under construction this year it is the first year in decades that we've had to cancel the Drive Thru the Christmas Story, but this presentation should be really special.  Julia loves hearing about Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas morning with my family coming over in their pjs and all of us eating a brunch meal together.  John and I like everyone coming over relaxed and not dressed up but just comfortable.  We will have a fire in the fire place, a mistletoe hanging, and lots of Christmas music playing.  And Eggnog, without eggnog, it's just not Christmas to John without his eggnog!  He's so lucky he can enjoy every drop, there's like a million calories in one sip.

This year I am thankful for my children and my husband who have taught me so much about myself.  I know it's going to be a great end to the year as we reflect on all the changes God has brought us through and all the blessings He continues to give.

Happy December!!!


  1. Sayre Woods not having the drive thru for Christmas??? Unhear of!!! I can still remember standing in the cold for a scene!!! I miss those days!!!! Carefree!!! I am definately enjoying December and all it has to offer! Thanks for the post!!!

    Kathy McCain

  2. I am excited for you about your December! Sounds like so much fun!

  3. Sounds like fun, Kristi! One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is the various Christmas Teas and programs for women, it's just so much fun to get together with Sisters in Christ to celebrate the season!


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