13 December 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Shiloh

This was one of our favorite movies/novels in third grade.  My students loved every bit of reading the novel and then as a treat watching the movie.  We loved to compare and contrast what happened in the book and what was added or left out in the movie.  It is the story of a boy, Marty, who comes across a beagle who he names Shiloh that he can tell has been mistreated by it's owner.  Marty grows to love the dog so much that he ends up lying to his parents and the Judd Travers (bad guy in the book/movie) and hides the dog on his property.  Marty's parents have no idea what he has done and soon one small little lie turns into more lies and big problems. 

Kristi's Positives:

1. Julia and Mark love movies with real people in it and animals.  Julia has liked this movie since she turned 2!  She saw it in my DVD collection and wanted to see it and since it is a great movie I allowed her to see it.

2. I like how involved Marty's parents are in his life.  Marty has chores and helps take care of his younger sisters.  This family has many values and helping out is very important.  Lots of shows today seem to leave out the part where children have to be taught responsibility before they just become responsible.  I like how the family shares meals around the table together and everyone has a voice and is important.

3.  When Marty's Mom catches Shiloh on the property and confronts Marty he asks her to not tell dad.  Mom goes into a long speech about trust, and integrity and how she does not keep secrets from her husband.

4. Marty learns that although his love is strong for the dog, telling the truth and being honest and open with your family is what is more important.  He has a talk with his dad and asks for forgiveness for lying.

5. There is a happy ending where Judd allows Marty to work on his property to pay for Shiloh, although it is hard labor, Marty gladly accepts.  Judd goes back on his word at the end of the week and decides he still won't give the dog away, and as Marty and his dad walk away, Judd lets the dog go at the last moment!

Kristi's Negatives: 

1. There are two scenes where Judd visibly kicks or hits the dog (definitely quick scenes but for young eyes I would fast forward)

2. I'm not a fan of guns and Marty and Judd carry guns around (it was during a time when hunting was super common and they both live on ranches/farms).  

3. A girl Sam is added to the movie and it is clear she has a crush on Marty, not necessary at all.  I don't know why she was added to the movie, quite honestly.

My rating: 8

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