16 December 2010

What is the one small thing that always makes you happy?

Real Simple, January 2011 magazine had a great article with random people saying what little things make them happy...well here are 11 things (2011) that make me happy...

1- When Mark takes both my cheeks in his hands and giggles when I make a fishy face.

2- The smell of freshly ground or freshly made coffee first thing in the morning.

3- Having a completely relaxing hot shower (this only happens on Sundays when I know John is with both kids or both kids happen to still be asleep).

4- John's cologne-filled kiss goodbye on his way to work.  He always looks so handsome and smells so good as he leaves!

5- Julia's smile when I tell her it's time to paint!

6- The sound of the house when everyone is fast asleep.

7- The sound of the house when Paris is with my in-laws for a visit!

8- A text from a friend that is sweet, cheery, and upbeat.

9- The sound of worship in an old cathedral at Oxford University-breathtaking!

10- A trip to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a bagel with my two favorite kids :)

11- Weekends with my whole family of four close by.

Now it's your turn!!! I want to know what are the small things that always make you happy?


  1. The small things that make me smile are: 1) Jackie starting to talk like last night at church said "bye" as clear as anything, 2) spending time with Chuck after the kids go to bed, 3) Alex reading very well, 4) hearing others compliment about how well behaved our kids are, 4) coffee in the morning, 5) when our renters pay their rent, hoping for a good mail day since they are a little late! Thanks for making me sit down and thinking what makes me happy!!!

    Kathy McCain

  2. This is such a great post! I too am always happy to smell/hear coffee brewing- instant day brightener! Another thing that always makes me happy is painting my nails a pretty color. It's just fun to notice brightly-painted nails throughout the day. =)


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