06 December 2011

Christmas Crafts and Fun

This past Saturday we headed to the Giamerese Farm in East Brunswick and picked the best Christmas tree ever.  It smells so good!

We decided to trim the tree on Monday after Daddy got home from work.  Which gave mommy time to buy all new Shatter Proof ornaments for the little hands that would be touching them!  I'm certain a mommy invented the shatter proof idea.  We got a huge box of them at Costco for only $25!

We let the kids go to town.

We had Christmas music playing.  Popcorn and hot cocoa...and oops poor Julia tripped on the lights on the floor and fell on a light bulb and cut her little hiney!!!  How did that happen???

Oh the life of having two toddlers and a puppy!  After we cleaned her up and put a band aid on we finished the festivities!

Here are some Christmas crafts that we will be working on this month:

My favorite Christian website for coloring crafts with tons of themes is DLTK kids:

DLTK holiday themes link

DLTK christmas coloring pages

Christmas Tree link coloring page

My kids are so into coloring this year.  They color for hours, especially Julia.  She chooses a million different colors!

Mark just copies anything she does.

Candy cane coloring page link

Last night we gave Julia and Mark rainbow candy canes for the first time and they loved them!

Julia immediately held hers upside down and yelled, "Look mom a J for Julia!"  Yup, kids Christmas is ALL about Jesus and you!!!

Have fun Christmas learning and crafting!


  1. Aw, how cute are your kiddos! We splurged this year and went to a tree farm to get a real tree as well! It's so worth it, the smell is amazing. And it's so beautiful to look at! Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying the start of this Christmas season.

  2. It's so true! We spent $50 but our tree was worth every penny!!! Love the smell! And the whole experience of choosing the perfect one for our home :)


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