09 December 2011

How is it, Julia?

A poem for my almost four year old girl.

How is it, Julia?

How is it, that you have gotten so tall?

How is it, that you are no longer small?

How is it, that you can comb your own hair?

Have your own opinion, decisions, and flair?

How is it, that you can paint your own nails?

Play with your dolls, with plots, and stories, and tales?

How is it that you have gotten just so big?

You used to be so tiny, so small...

How is it that you have a mind of your own?  You know what you want and you persevere, you're so strong!

How is it that you can now read to me?  Your memory is long, it's wide, and it's deep.

How is it that you are no longer a baby?

I must tell you, I don't know, it's driving me crazy.

But I must say these words....I love to watch you grow, it makes me so happy to see and hear all that you know.

Our God is so big, He's so great, He's so strong, He's teaching you so many things, the difference between right and wrong.

I love you my sweet.

I always always will.

No matter what you do, my heart is forever yours.

You're my best friend, my best girl, my best first born.

I love you forever and ever.

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  1. Such a lovely poem! It must be rather bittersweet watching your kiddos grow up! She is going to grow into a wonderful woman of God, I just know it. =)


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