20 December 2011

If God wills it, He can do it!

This Christmas season has truly been wonderful.  Having things done way in advance really allows one to enjoy each day and not feel panicked or rushed.  I'm thankful for John who gives me little breaks here and there (this past weekend he took both kids shopping while I was able to get a much needed pedicure!)  His philosophy is, "If you do this all week (bring two kids everywhere) surely I can do it for a few hours!"  My favorite part is when he comes back and goes, "Babe, you are a saint, how do you do this everyday, they are so hard!" (and really they are absolutely wonderful, but they are 2 and 3 and they have lots of energy, and after 2 hours it seems hard.

On Sunday, Pastor Joe spoke about Elizabeth and Zachariah and how they were told by an angel they were going to be pregnant with the prophet John the Baptist in their old age.

In that culture being barren was looked down upon, and now Elizabeth and John were well into their older years, having a baby was IMPOSSIBLE, right?

I look at our lives and there are some things that just seem IMPOSSIBLE to us...but things we would LOVE to have...

*another baby
*mommy allowed to stay home for at least 2 more years (or even more if we are blessed with more children)
*job security for John
*more students at the Taekwondo school

Can you think of things in your life that you just don't see a way for them to be realized because of time, finances, age, health?  Whatever it may be...
 "If God wills it, He can do it."  
Think of the angel telling Elizabeth and Zachariah..."You will have a baby and he will prepare the way for the Messiah..."  Zachariah did not believe it at all, and he was left mute because of his unbelief.  I have decided that my perspective is very narrow...and I need to remember I have a very BIG God who is almighty and powerful, and
"If He wills it, He can do it."
Elizabeth and Zachariah did get pregnant, they did have a son, and they named him John, not Zachariah like most Juniors were named...He was given the name John because they realized God can do anything, and nothing is impossible with God!

If God wills it, He can do it!
So, I am content today at this very moment that God will take care of us, provide for us, and bless us where He sees fit.  I am not limited by my age, or my race, or my education, or my status in society, or finances.  God is limitless.  God can use all of us in mighty ways.  He does miracles every day.  We serve a God of hope!
If God wills it, He can do it! 



  1. Thank you for this Message. I've been going through some personal issues and this is a lovely reminder that God has a plan. This is just want I needed to hear :)

  2. Hello old friend! Thought I'd stop by and catch up and say Merry Christmas to you! Things have been crazy around here lately with going back to school, remodeling the house, and the holidays, but this week I'm enjoying some down time and catching up with old friends that I've totally lost touch with you...even if it's virtually :-). Hope your holiday is a blessed one, and thank you for these inspiring words today!

  3. Candice I am so glad! Please take it as a divine moment from God!!! He has great timing!

    Kristin, thanks for keeping in touch, it is such a busy month! Glad you stopped by, and get some rest!


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