21 December 2011

Early Christmas Gifts...Before and After Pics

We had an amazing photo-shoot in early November with our photographer Adrienne.  Oh my goodness did she do wonders!  She caught all the right moments and captured all of our personalities by the "click click"  of her little camera...we were so impressed at how young she is and yet oh, so talented!  It is a God-given gift!

John and I have tons of pictures of Julia on the walls, framed and mounted since she was born...Mark has tons of photos, but we have been slack about framing and putting them up, thanks to my Dad who has done some framing for us, but still we needed more of both kids, and updated....so, after our photo shoot we gave the CD of pictures to my Dad and he chose 6 that we all agreed on to blow up and print out.

We wanted to put the pictures in a room where we could admire our growing family...

We decided on hanging the photos in our room...but I wanted to "do it" for John so it was one less thing for him to do around the house.

So my dad and friend Kyle came over and helped measure, and hang each 8 by 10 portrait above our bed in our room.

I just love it!!!!! And when John came home from work yesterday it was all done, thanks to my dad and Kyle!!!!

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  1. Pretty! Great idea. =) I have been meaning to do something similar in our room with wedding photos!


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