17 December 2011

Haiku Poems as Gifts

This year I am going to be writing haiku poems for my family members as a Christmas Gift.

What is a haiku poem you may ask?

A Haiku is an unrhyming verse form, conveying a complete image or feeling in three lines of syllables, and are usually about nature or natural things.
You can really make these poems about anything that you like. The Japanese most of the time make them about seasons of the year.
there is no such thing as a haiku PEOM, but a haiku POEM is a Japanese poem with the first verse with 5 syllables and the second with 7 syllablles and the 3rd with 5 syllablles.

My friend Jamie shared this idea at our last MOPS meeting and I loved how personal it was, and since I loved to write I thought it would be a great gift from the heart, that I could frame and give this year.
For example:

Julia's Poem

She lights up a room
With her wit, charm, words, and love
She is contagious

Mark's Poem

Oh my wondrous boy
You are sweet, tender, happy
My heart has melted


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