28 December 2011

Leaving a legacy of love

On Wednesday, Dec. 21st, after a really fun playdate, I got two serious voice mails and texts, and after calling my Grandma in New York, I found out that my Aunt Pat (the woman on the far left) had passed away.  She and my Grandma were very best friends...she had two children, Patty (we call her Little Pat) and Ricky her son.  My Grandma had 7 children, and they all lived in Spanish Harlem side by side in a two family home.  They became family and every holiday, birthday, summer BBQ, beach day, has been with them.  My mom is pictured on the right, and this was many years ago, Aunt Pat was like a second mom to my aunts and uncles and this has been a true loss for all of us.

Aunt Pat left a legacy of love.  She was a great mom, a kind soul, gentle, sweet, and giving, as most mothers are.  She was selfless.  She was encouraging, and she was always a blessing.  I'm thanking the Lord she knew Him so that I will see her again one day.  But cancer took over her body and in the last 3 months she became skin and bones.

This is a picture of me, my mom, and my aunt Leah (my matron of honor in my wedding).  We were all at a party at Aunt Pat's house.

My last memory of Aunt Pat was this summer at the beach.  We have a family reunion every summer at Belmar beach and we all meet up (we roll in deep because there are so many of us)  I'm so glad my kids got to know her and she got to meet them.

I'm praying now for her two children Little Patty and Ricky and their children Ryan and Kien, and Tyler and Journey for this grieving process.

Aunt Pat we love you.  Thank you for leaving behind this legacy of love.



  1. So sorry to hear about your dear Aunt! She sounds like a wonderful lady. How neat that you have so many great memories of her!

  2. Photos have become such a blessing so that we always have a visual reminder of those who have gone on before us. So sorry for your loss.

  3. I have an Aunt that is so dear to me! Thank you for your tribute to yours.


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