16 December 2011

Me and You

This is me when I was 3 1/2...

I always loved the color yellow, and I loved wearing dresses.

I'm not sure if I was much of a talker, but I did LOVE nursery school...Busy Bee it was called.

I loved learning and the routine of school...

This is my Julia at 3 1/2...

I finally can see some resemblances.

The cheeks, the eyes, the smile...

People say it to me a lot that we look a like but when I see Julia I just see Julia...but when you hold up two pictures...you see the proof is in the pudding!



  1. Darling post; one of my favorites ever! These pictures of the twin girls are just the absolute best! xoxoxo C

  2. So beautiful! The innocence of childhood is portrayed in both those pictures so amazingly... Love your blog! I am stopping by from the "Mingle With Us" Blog Hop.... A new follower, I am!


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