05 December 2011

Flat Stanley is on the move...

We have been having a ball sending out all of our Flat Stanley letters to friends and family all over the United States.

Read this post to hear how our project started.

This past weekend our first Flat Stanley that we mailed out arrived safe and sound to Miss Addie Ladouceur in Florida!

I think Miss Suzette and Mr. Brian had a lot of fun snapping shots of their daily outings and errands with Flat Stanley, but who could blame them.

Flat Stanley went to church in Florida, he visited the library, got some take out food, and spent time with the in laws!  This morning he even went to work with Mr. Brian (is he a good sport or what?)

Julia and Mark got to look at our US map and point to NJ and all the states that Flat Stanley flew over to arrive in Florida.  They were very excited to stand on chairs to point to the map.  Then we put stickers at all of Flat Stanley's stops.

Addie did a great job of caring for Flat Stanley.  And Miss Suzette sent us lots of texts and pics of what Flat Stanley was up to all day!

During nap time I got an email that Flat Stanley had arrived in Georgia to visit with the McCains!  I can't wait to tell the kids and post a new sticker on our map!!!

Reading about Flat Stanley (and Julia asks me every day, why is he flat, mommy?) from the short novel to the kids in the morning and then following up with where he has visited has really helped our Map and Geography lessons.

So thank you thank you to all of the families who have participated and who are going to! We sent out a lot of letters and can't wait to see all of the responses and photos people will send.

Feel free to post the pics straight to facebook and tag us if that is easier, or you can email the pics to me.

We are having so much fun learning, and isn't that what learning is all about???

Happy travels Flat Stanley!



  1. What a fun project! And a great way for teaching kids about geography :)

  2. So fun! Flat Stanley is such a great teaching/learning tool~~~

  3. Thank you! We are having such a fun time! And we keep going back to the map and finding the states Stanley is visiting!!!


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