14 December 2011

Our Cookie Exchange

Last night we made our very own sugar cookies!  The kids got to roll out their cookie dough, cut their shapes, and decorate their cookies!

Words cannot express how very proud they were of their creations.

They were like little bakers.

They wore aprons.

They washed their hands.  They rolled up their sleeves, and they watched me very carefully as I demonstrated each and every step.

They used the kitchen counter space.

They added extra flour when the dough got sticky.

They were super serious about their job.

I was so proud of them, especially Mark, because he's only 2 and he did such a great job!

He listened to everything I said, and was so serious about his work.

Decorating was the best part because they got to shake on their sprinkles or place them and they were so happy to do so.

It took us about 30 minutes to roll, cut, and decorate, and 9 minutes each batch in the oven.  We made 3 batches.

When John got home he could not believe it.

The kitchen needed some work afterwards, but it didn't matter the kids had a blast baking.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be baking ALL day with Aunt Laurie, Grandma Judy, and Grandpa Jack.  I'm so excited.  I have new recipes to bake!!!  Our cookie exchange with my MOPS group is on Thursday and we will share all our different types of cookies and recipes with our friends!

Happy Baking!



  1. So cute!!! I wish we had more time this holiday season. We actually for the first time ever have Christmas Eve with nothing to do. I may have to start a new tradition of cookie baking.

  2. It is so much more fun with a friend. My sister in law is an awesome baker, she's a machine!!!

  3. Looks like they had a blast! I'll be doing the same thing w/my kids on Sat.! Your newest follower from the Let's Mingle party!


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