18 February 2012

It's The Little Things...

*The way Julia and Mark do their school work, head to head, and side by side.  Best friends for life.

*The way John waits up for me when I have a sister movie night out.  He just wants to hear about my day with the kids and be near me.

*The way John tied Julia's new Orange Belt in Taekwondo this morning after she tested for her next level.  He was so proud he was practically beaming.

*The way our boxer Paris finds the warmest spot in the house to lay, near the French Doors by the breakfast nook, catching a few sun rays as she naps.

*The way the kitchen looks and smells after everything has been put in its place.  All shiny, and crisp, and clean.

*The way the laundry whirls in the dryer.  Around and around lulling us all to sleep during nap time.

*The way pizza tastes on Friday nights, crispy, cheesy, and tomatoey, and warm.

*The way the sun hits our faces as we head to the store to go shopping.  And then we catch a good deal and can buy an extra shirt per kid because it's Buy One Get One Free at Carters.

*The way Saturdays feel when everyone is safe, happy, and close to me.

It's the little things that make me so happy to be a wife, a mom, and a child of God.

Enjoy your weekend!



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