21 February 2012

Honey-Do List

Honey-Do List

Dear John,

Please help me complete the following tasks:

1. Re-screw the hinges on the gate outside
2. Fix the molding in the kitchen
3. Establish some type of shelving system in the Laundry Room
4. Help organize the basement office (which we both use)


One of my Love Languages is Acts of Service (the main one is Quality Time).  (click each love language to see prior posts)

I love when John is able to do things around the home because

A. It shows me that he cares.
B. It shows me he takes pride in our home.
C. He has a handy-man gift.

I have had these things on the Honey-Do List for a few months but with John working two jobs and then using every free moment for family time or prepping for his sermon there was just no way for these jobs to get done...BUT now that John is done with his sermon he has been doing so many awesome things around the house.

This past weekend he fixed the gate, reupholstered our dining room chairs with leather fabric, fixed the molding in the kitchen, bought shelves for the laundry room, got rid of 3 huge bags/boxes from the office down stairs for Goodwill...and he did extra things too like the dining room chairs, he cleaned all the hardwood floors for me, and he put together our new stroller for Mark.

All these things may not seem like a big deal...but John loves crossing things off his list just as much as I do, and they are a very BIG DEAL to me.  He is such a great help.  Thanks, babe!

Ladies, don't be afraid to make your hubby a honey-do list, he may not do it over night, but you know what it will be on his heart and mind and the list will be a reminder that it needs to get done.  I am not a nagger.  I really try not to be.  Once I made the list my job was done.  (I kept it short on purpose...and notice how John found even more ways to bless me!)


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  1. I appreciate the suggestion of keeping the list short; and I love how John blessed you above and beyond the short list! xoxoxo C


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