14 February 2012

Our Valentine's Date...the best 4 hours of my life

Plan B

You always have to have one.

John's sermon was awesome, as I knew it would be on Sunday, but after preaching twice in one day and barely sleeping the night before and doing 14 hour work days, on Sunday all you want to do is crawl into your covers and sleep til--Wednesday?

Sooooo...originally my mom was going to watch the kids from 2:30 pm til we decided to get home from our romantic get away...but since John was exhausted and since I just wanted to be close to home since my poor boy was injured we decided to nap til 4pm (yup right along with the kids schedule) and then catch a dinner and a movie locally (John had a really special restaurant picked out--I can't tell you what it is because he STILL won't tell me...he's so secretive...I love surprises! So, we will do that date another time when both kids are healthy) and be home in time to read stories and put the kids to bed.

My wonderful mom came over around 3:45 we showed her where dinner was and gave her the plans and instructions for the night, and we headed out on our DATE!!!!

You've got to understand...we needed this date.  This date was a necessity to our marriage.  For the past 8 weeks John has been working 14 hour days and then tirelessly working on this sermon...but now that it was all over we could sigh a huge sigh of relief (even I had a ministry moment on Sunday that I was so nervous for but it went pretty well) and go back to our "normal" life.  John could come home from work and BE with us.  For weeks he was in his office or on his computer piecing together his thoughts on his sermon.

But now I had him back, all to myself and we just talked and talked and enjoyed a great Denzel Washington movie called Safe House.  It was non stop action.  Then we went to a restaurant in Holmdel and received amazing service and yummy food.  I ordered a filet mignon and John had a Ahi Tuna Salad...and we got this really yummy flat bread appetizer and soup and salad...we were SO full.

We also don't sit across from each other on a date.  Oh no.  He sits in my booth so we can hold hands!!!

It was the best 4 hours of my life.  It was just us.  We were close to home.  And John is finally back.

Happy Valentines Day!


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