20 February 2012

Julia's Big Day: Home School Monday

Home School Monday

Julia gives her presentation tonight at the Social Studies Fair at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge Home School Group.  There will be 50 presenters from ages K-5th grade.  (They allow Pre-K kids also!)

Julia and I (and Mark) have been studying Thomas Jefferson since the Fall.  Our 5 core main points are:

1. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.
2. He was a Founding Father of America.
3. He was our third President (1801-1809).
4. He lived in a home called Monticello (in the state of Virginia).
5. You can find his face on the U.S. nickel!

Julia was able to re-trace 5 sentences on her project.  She helped me add photos and star stickers to make her tri fold board really cool!

We've been interviewing her on her facts and what she loved learning about Thomas Jefferson, all week long. I think she's ready!  We are so excited John has off tomorrow so he can come to the Fair and hear all the presentations and see all the other kids projects.

Each child gets an award for completing their project and giving their 2 minute presentation!

I'm really excited to see all the other projects!  I know everyone has done a lot of work these past few months studying, learning, and creating their project.  School is fun!

Happy President's Day!



  1. How wonderful Julia! I know you will do GREAT tonight! xoxoxo C

  2. Thank you! Julia isn't nervous at all---Mommy is!


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