02 February 2012

The Vows of a SAHM

SAHM-Stay At Home Mom

I have been talking to countless stay at home mom friends, at the library, at the grocery store, on the phone, at church, on the playground, where ever we are we have a secret bond and a similar plight.

We love our families unconditionally.  We love to see our children grow and learn we try to keep house and make meals and stay sane all at the same time.

Today I thoroughly enjoyed a conversation with a fellow SAHM that I just met about how we were able to nurse our babies and make a meal, or clean a room, or potty train another little one--yes at the same time.  Because as a stay at home mom, you are at home, and you are the only adult in the house, and since you only have two hands and more than one child, usually, multi-tasking becomes an absolute art form at times.

Modesty is out the window and privacy is unheard of in SAHMommy land.  Our job is a big one: raise the children, keep them happy, feed them, play with them, teach them, all while managing a household--oh and don't forget your hubby!

And all of you glorious working moms out there, I admire you! Because you have to do all that work inside the home that I do AND work outside of the home!  And sometimes I have to say I get a tiny bit jealous that working moms get to see the outside world more and talk to adults more...gee adult conversation is ABSOLUTELY wonderful when you've talked to a four year old and two year old all day, and even if they are BEYOND cute, sometimes...you want to have quiet time for longer than 10 seconds.

I think it's neat that I can meet a SAHM for 5 minutes and already know how much baby fat she's trying to lose, how long she intends to nurse, and how she may be struggling to find a date night for her and the hubby. It's amazing how we have this bond.

And for the record, we don't stay in our pjs all day (Seriously, I never do that) we do put on make up and get dressed.  We may not wake up to an alarm clock, but I do wake up to a little girl standing right in front of me asking me to get her milk downstairs--does that count?  I don't know about you but I take a shower every day, I try to look my best (ok so I don't wear my suits from when I was a teacher, but I do on Sunday!).  And SAHM do like to get OUT of the house and DO things, hence why library time is so important and field trips, and Bible study, and the occasional sports activities for the kids.

I guess what I'm trying to say is all of us moms need to stick together.  We have the hardest job on the planet.  We bring babies into the world and raise them to be PEOPLE!  We are so blessed, aren't we?  Working in the home or out the home we all have a common thread...we love our families and there is no sacrifices we won't make to keep our families happy and thriving.

So, the next time you meet a SAHM, give her a smile and a hug and tell her she is doing a great job...you just might be the first adult she's talked to today!



  1. As a fellow SAHM, I LOVE this post! :) I couldn't agree more with anything that you've said.

    I'm a new follower from the hop - I hope you can pop by Gumdrop Pass soon! :)

    Have a great Thursday -- and know you're doing the BEST job available on the planet!!! <3

  2. Well said Kristi <3 xoxo C

  3. Hi, Kristi! Thanks for the follow. I did come here today and could have sworn I was following, but apparently I'm not. (Well, I am now). Anywho, I love this SAHM post as well. I've been on both sides of the court and I laugh when people say negative things about SAHM. They really have no idea, do they?!

  4. Oh, Kristi! I wanted to cheer as I read this! Woohoo, for SAHMs!!!

  5. Thanks everyone!!! Woohoo for SAHMs!!!


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