11 February 2012

The Scariest 4 hours of my life...

On Saturday, February 11, I took my daughter to Taekwondo, drove home, picked up my Mark who was hanging out with Dad and brought both my kids to Family Story Time at the Library...then we went shopping at a Panera Bread and went home while John put the finishing touches on his sermon for Sunday.

It was a cold day, but a good day.  As the kids napped I cleaned, made chicken soup in the crock pot, watched a show, did some laundry...just relaxed...it was an easy weekend...then 4pm rolled around...John texted me he was on his way home Julia woke up from her nap calling my name and sleep walking (something she's never done before) and came down the steps looking for me...I scolded her (quietly) because she was so loud and Mark was still asleep.  She and I cuddled on the couch and were about to watch a Diego episode when I heard a BANG and crying...my adrenaline started pumping and I booked it up the stairs from the basement to the first floor then again up another flight of stairs to Mark's room...

And then I saw him...

Blood was coming out of his nose and mouth and blood was on his head along with a gash!  Not AGAIN! I thought.

Just as I was running down the stairs with Mark in my arms, John walked in the door and I yelled, "Please get ice."

We sat Mark down on a kitchen chair and we both looked and knew...the boy needed stitches...AGAIN.

That is when I literally started hyperventilating and John told me to please gather myself together in the living room while he took care of Mark.  I felt faint, weak, numb, and couldn't breathe.

All I could think was Why today?  How did he fall?  What did he hit his head on?  Did the floor do that?  His bed is so close to the ground!? What happened?  And why Mark?  He's just the sweetest little mellow guy around.

I walk back in and say, "Honey he needs S-T-I-T-C-H-E-S (we don't say this word in our house anymore because marky gets really upset)."  "I know it." John said.  "I'm taking him."  "I want to be with you guys, I can let Julia go to Patti Watson's house."  "Honey, you stay home with Julia and I'm taking Mark, we'll be fine, it will be our boy adventure."

And just like that the decision was made and I was left to pack a few snacks and pour Mark's milk cup.  John scooped up the snacks got the car ready while I changed Mark's diaper.  Marky: Mommy, what's happening?  Where are we going?  Me: Buddy you and daddy are going to see the doctor so he can check your boo boo.  Julia: Mom does Mark need---  Me: Julia don't even say it.  She almost said the stitches word.

John left and me and Julia were left to worry.  At this point I realized John had left both his cell phone and Blackberry at home...Great.  No way to reach him and find out how it was all going.

Julia and I did about a million puzzles.  We colored.  I texted friends.  I sent a prayer request through our church's phone chain.  I called Lisa and Christy and was able to cry a little and get out my concerns.  I really felt under attack.  It's as if S*tan was having a field day with us lately.  With Julia's fall out of her bed.  Now Mark's fall.  I mean aren't kids supposed to fall outside on the sidewalk riding their bike, not out of their beds!!!

I just kept praying out loud, "Lord please keep my family safe.  Please keep my children safe."

At dinner Julia said to me, "Mom, I don't want my brother to be hurt."  Dinner was very somber and lonely with just the two of us.

My sister in law and her fiance were at a movie theater close to the hospital so she swung by to see if John and Mark were still there so I could have some peace of mind that everything was okay (yes, isn't she wonderful?) They left the house around 4:30 and right around 8:00 they got home.  It was the scariest 4 hours of my life.  And seeing Mark when he got home was horrible.

The doctor decided it would be less traumatic to use glue than stitches (no need for a straight jacket, etc) and that the cut would heal the same way so John went with the glue...ONLY the Doctor dripped glue in my SON's EYE during the procedure (at which point John really wanted to do bodily harm to this man for further traumatizing our son).

John said, "Honey you should've saw him he was so brave, he laid down, he let the doctor touch his head, etc, etc,."  But after the doctor dripped the glue in his eye and it sealed his eye shut Mark LOST it.  Who could blame the poor kid!  The doctor apologized profusely, but I'm sorry, how could you do that?  To a two year old!  Accidents happen but still!

So Mark came home with some glue still in his eye and very watery eye and nose now because of it.  He was in a lot of discomfort you could tell.  He wouldn't eat or drink anything.  And that is not like Mark at all.

I just held him for about 30 minutes.  I didn't want to let him go.  I waited at the door and when I saw the car pull up I greeted them with the door open.

Poor Mark.

Poor John.

After we put the kids to bed and John finally ate dinner and did some paperwork, he headed back to church around 11 oclock to finish up his sermon.  I don't even think he slept that night...maybe 2 or 3 hours.  We had to be up and ready to be at church by 8:30.

It's now Monday and Mark is much better.  His eye is no longer red...but there are still traces of glue in the corner that I'm not supposed to bother or touch they are supposed to just fall off naturally.  The cut is also healing but still very tender...

And today...

Mark dropped a 5lb flashlight on his foot...

You should see the black and blue...John thought he broke a bone in his little foot.  "No more flashlight Mark." Daddy said...

Does anyone have any bubble wrap for my son for the next 16 years???

Oh Lord, please give me strength!

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  1. Oh, Kristi! You poor thing! I wish we could wrap up our kids :) When our doctor told us that one of Addie's accidents was the first of many, I wanted to choke him! Thank God that children bounce :)


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