02 November 2010

Costume Birthday Party

Julia and Marky discussing who gets to hold this toy.
My friend Pam's daughter was born on Oct 27th, so this year when she turned 1 years old, she decided to have a dress up costume party for Siena Leigh (I love her name...definitely one of my favorites).

Pam and I met at the library (back when our babies were about 6-7 months old...I started going to library classes early because I knew how social Julia was and how much she loves story time, plus it was a great time to meet other new moms)  Capri just turned three...she's the snow white in the pictures.  Julia called Capri her "bootiful friend" since she was dressed up so beautiful.

Capri and Julia
John and I arrived at the party right around 3pm, and at first it was just us so Julia and Capri, Mark and Siena got to play a lot by themselves.  Pam had so many fun toys out for them.  And her garage had a pumpkin decorating area set up.

Having fun decorating

John and I were the only adults not dressed up.  Honestly, it takes so much energy for me to get the kids ready and out of the house, that I had no creative energy to dress up.  I know, I'm a party pooper.

Siena and Julia...Julia could not stop hugging and kissing her
Siena was dressed up as an angel, with wings and a halo and all, it was too precious.  In this picture her halo had fallen off.

My beautiful flower...this was a hand-me-down costume...a little tight, but do-able

Julia loved being a flower, she was such a good sport to wear this hot costume.  It was super soft though, but after about 15 minutes I took it off.  Underneath she had a tutu on and a ballerina shirt so she still looked semi dressed up!

My bumble bee
Mark's costume was supposed to be for Julia when she was 10 months old, but her daddy had already dressed her in a sweet monkey costume that we had bought before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl at the Baby Gap, and since I was subbing at TCS that day, by the time I got home he beat me to it and had her dressed.  So the bumble bee costume was just sitting waiting for little "next baby", I thought Mark was quite a cute bumble bee!

Relaxing at Miss Pam's house
Underneath Mark's costume was a shirt I got at Crazy 8 for like $3 that had bones on it.  Our Pastor's sons had matching outfits just like this one and it reminded me of their bone shirts.  I wanted mark to look semi dressed up if his bee costume got too hot, which it did.  He had such a great time hanging out.  He kept waving to all the new guests coming in.  And he was very social and sweet!

Daddy took this picture.  I love it.
Happy Tuesday!  Hoping all of you get a chance to get out and vote today!  I will be with two kids in tow!


  1. I voted already today with one child in tow while the other two are in school! Love the cute pictures! Thanks for keeping us updated with your life! Love the blogs!

    Kathy McCain


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