22 November 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

Today I will be reviewing Alice in Wonderland and Suzie will be reviewing Joseph: King of Dreams.

When I first watched this movie I immediately though of a cute, curious, blond third grader I had.  Alice and Cecilia could have been twins!  Both had these amazing imaginations, but sometimes their curiosity got them in a bit of trouble when they were supposed to be minding their studies.  I had the privilege of teaching Cecilia in third grade and fourth grade since that was the year I looped with my students.  I got to see how Cecilia's amazing mind worked even better and how she began to grow and mature into a young woman.

Kristi's Positives: 

* The characters in the story are a part of Alice's imagination so they are made up creatures with sill personalities.  In Alice's world all things that couldn't happen, do, and all things that wouldn't happen, would in her wonderland.  So doors talk, flowers sing, and a special drink can help you to shrink or grow!

* The lesson that I got from this story is that although living in a land where anything is possible sounds fun, actually staying there is NOT fun.  And after awhile home is where the heart is.  Alice discovers that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and once you actually get there, you start to see the weeds!  A great lesson of being happy and content where God has you is a wonderful lesson to learn at every age.

* Alice isn't naughty or rude or mean.  She's a sweet little girl with an awesome imagination and she is rather curious.  But you never see her being fresh or naughty to authority, which is hard to find in a lot of children's movies these days.

Kristi's Negatives:

* After awhile I wanted to leave Wonderland...just my opinion but the movie bored me and my kids after a bit...the story line isn't that enthralling, there aren't real bad guys and good guys just a girl lost in Wonderland, so there is no major urgency or sense of "I can't wait to see the next part!"

* The Queen of Hearts and her constant: "Off with their heads!" really didn't need to be so awful.  I wish she didn't have to say it.  The last thing I need is for Julia to pick up on that phrase!

My rating: 8

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  1. Your last comment gave me a good laugh! I just love how you express yourself!


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