05 November 2010

Thankful Part 2

The two best kids a girl could ask for
For the month of November I will be sharing with you what I am thankful, and grateful for each Friday.  There is so much to be thankful for because God is so good and He goes above and beyond what we could ever ask or hope or even imagine!

* I'm thankful my "little family" is growing up.  (Even if it is sometimes hard not to wish I could freeze this moment in time) Mark is going up and down the stairs with no problems (mommy is finding new gray hairs) Julia is talking in complete paragraphs! Asking questions, introducing herself to people, asking for their name, asking why? where are we going? when can I vote? when can I drive? Am I the mom? Watcha doin? Watcha got? When can we do school? When can I paint? How do I write my name? Please read this book? When will daddy be home? What's her name? What's his name? Is she crying? Is he sad? Mom, can we go to the park, and go down the slides and swing on the swings? I am? I did? And the list goes on and on...
* I'm thankful my parents live so close and can pop over on Friday evenings for dinner.
My sisters Paletza, me and Sara

* I'm thankful that my sisters love to play with their niece and nephew and offer to help out.

My beloved, my best friend, my husband

* I'm thankful my husband works harder than any other man I know with two jobs (He does about 70+ hours a week, easily)
* I'm thankful I can go food shopping whenever we need food.
* I'm thankful my Julia got to begin gymnastics on Fridays!
* I'm thankful for a fully packed Ladies Bible Study that keeps growing each week!
* I"m thankful for being able to vote this week and take my children along.  My favorite part was when Julia announced to the women who had us sign in, "Look at my boots!"  and then after we finished voting, and had our voting lesson, Julia said, "I voted!  I do it again!"
My marky in the tub

* I'm thankful for my son who loves taking a bath and sings, "Bath Night" as we march up the stairs to get ready.  (Actually it sounds like, "Baaa Baaa, Baaa, Baaa"  But I know exactly what he means since its the tune of the song I made up for them)

Julia's big girl bed

* I'm thankful for a daughter who has slept peacefully in her big girl bed since Day 1!  And I love being able to lay with her to read, "one more story" before tucking her in and kissing her goodnight and saying, "I love you."

Christy and Kristi and Elizabeth Grace

* I'm thankful for being able to visit my Christy and her new baby Elizabeth once a week for the past month! (And she's let me hold her and give her her very first bath!)

Ev, Debi, and me

* I'm thankful for Debi teaching me how to make Spanish rice from scratch as we talked about our lives and prayed for each other's family.
* I'm thankful for our librarian Miss Marilyn who we look forward to seeing on Mondays and having story time and craft time!
Julia and Marky holding hands

* I'm thankful for Julia being my little helper and always grabbing Marky's hand to bring him to me when I need him, getting wipes for me, helping me make the beds, do the laundry, and just being my little shadow.  I love when she teases me and says, "I'm the Mom!"  and I say, "No, I'm the MOM!"  and then she says, "I'm Julia Star McInerney!"
* I'm thankful for a car that takes us to fun places, the cleaners, the grocery store, the bank, the library, church,  the post office and Grandma's house.

My Dad and my Mom...the world's greatest Grandparents

* I'm thankful for my close circle of friends who prayed for me during a very scary time, that turned out to be just fine because God heard our prayers.  You know who you are, and I love you beyond mere words.
* I'm thankful for Christ who is my best friend.  He has been since I was very little and He continues to bless me and encourage me and stretch me, and teach me new things.
This picture needs no explanation!

* I'm thankful for my husband and his silly sense of humor that helps me to lighten up.
* I'm thankful for two cups of coffee each morning...really, really, thankful.


  1. I love this post! Julia and Mark are very precious! I will be writing what I am thankful for! We are truely blessed with so much that we sometimes forget the little stuff that means the most and is priceless!!!! Thanks, Kristi!!!!

    Kathy McCain

  2. I loved your list! There are so many things to be thankful for!


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