01 November 2010

Mommy Movie Review: 101 Dalmations

We love puppies in our house, so 101 Dalmatians is a perfect McInerney movie.  Dog lovers will completely enjoy this movie, and you will want to snuggle up extra close to your furry friend.  Suzette is reviewing The Fox and the Hound today...check out her blog for her mommy movie review...I've heard that the movie is underrated, and completely wonderful.  You will fall in love with Todd!

Kristi's Positives:

*We enjoy watching how the two dogs meet, and how Pongo tries to be a match maker for his owner Roger.
*It's very obvious that Cruella Deville is the meanie in this movie, her character is above and beyond evil and wicked, she's selfish, rude, and down right nasty to everyone she meets.  She is always smoking and her green nicotine air follows her everywhere.
* Cruella Deville says, "I live for furs, I worship furs!"  A great lesson is in teaching our children that the things we put first and worship are our idols and if God is not first, a life of tragedy and despair will follow.
* Anita and Roger live a simple life with their two dogs Perdie and Pongo, and Cruella makes fun of their meager life (although their meager living is full and complete with love).
* The puppies are so sweet when they are born and we love watching them watch t.v. and enjoy the show, especially the puppy that keeps telling his mama he is hungry, so sweet
* We love how the nanny defends herself against the robbers, she didn't sit back and just let them rob her and come in the house, she put up a really good fight, even if she did get pushed to the side by the two puppy thieves!  You go girl! (Daddy is all about self defense)
* The topic of animal fur is brought up because Cruella wants to make a coat out of the puppies fur, and that would mean hurting the puppies to get the fur (a topic we would not discuss now, but maybe when Julia asks or brings it up we could)
* Cruella lies and tries to trick her friend (we can discuss how lying gets you into a lot of trouble and you have to keep telling lies to make up for the first one)
* All the animals stick together to help bring the puppies home (each puppy had value and importance, no one was left behind or left out)
* The puppies and their parents had to walk for a very long time in the snow and they were tired and hungry but they never gave up they were determined
* Used creative way of rolling in black soot to disguise themselves
* Love is just displayed in so many ways between husband and wife and between all the animals and the dalmatians
* Pongo's owner ends up making it big as he writes the song "Cruella Deville"  (God is always faithful to provide for those who do honest work and are faithful to Him)  Cruella kept laughing at him and basically said he would never amount to anything and laughed at their poverty, but she soon found out that love is so much more important than money

Kristi's Negatives:

*Cruella Deville and her smoking habit
* The word "idiot" is used several times and "shut up"...these words are NOT to be used by us in our house

Kristi's Rating: 9

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  1. Okay! We are off to the library today to pick up a copy!


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