08 November 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Bambi

 Bambi (1942)
This is a sweet movie about a deer who learns how to grow up in the forest.  And learns to love.  "Love is a song that never ends one simple theme repeating like the voice of a heavenly choir love's sweet music flows on."  Bambi loses his mother but the love of his friends and the support of the other forest animals helps him to grow into a brave adult deer.

Kristi's Positives-
* I like how they show Bambi growing up from a baby deer to a full grown deer.  Children get to see the progression of how Bambi could barely walk or "speak" to being fully independent.
* Bambi has a sweet circle of friends around him who love him, and who have parents that correct their children.  I love how Thumper's mom was always correcting him.
* Thumper's quote: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."
* I love how all the animals are shown falling in love...it's so sweet.
* Children learn the circle of life, when Bambi loses his mother.  As my children grow I will be sharing how God is always faithful to put people in our lives who are wise and who love us when others pass on.  God is so good to provide godly friends and family to support each other.
* The beautiful use of music and peaceful sounds of nature.
* Children learn about hunters and how man does have charge over the animals.

Kristi's Negatives-

*I'm really not fond of the use of guns or weapons in any movie...

My Rating-
I give this movie a 9

Don't forget to stop by Suzette's blog to read her mommy review on Finding Nemo!  Finding Nemo is another great movie about how a Father clown fish doesn't give up the search in looking for his son.  Nemo is an only child just like Bambi, and Nemo has also lost his mother.  Nemo has to face many obstacles to find his father again.  And Marlin the father learns the beauty of "letting go" and trusting that Nemo can handle certain situations without being smothered because of worry.  Dory is our favorite character because she is a faithful friend who is extremely funny!  This was a favorite of ours right from the very start!  Enjoy!

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  1. Bambi is wrapped and waiting for Christmas morning!


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