15 November 2010

Mommy Movie Review: An American Tail

An American Tail came out in 1986.  This Steven Spielberg movie stole our hearts in the movie theater.  My mom was super pregnant with my sister and I was 8 years old.  We laughed and we cried together as we watched Fievel the adorable mouse from Russia take a trip to America with his family and during a terrible storm and some curiousity gone wrong he gets separated from his family.

Alone in America he must learn to take care of himself and survive on his own, all while searching for his family.  My favorite songs were, "There are no cats in America," and "Somewhere out There." 

Kristi's Positives-

* This movie stresses the importance of family. Fievel's father tells him and his older sister that, "As long as we are together, we'll be alright."

* There is a true sense of wonderment and hope of what America will be like.  Of course the mice all think that America is so wonderful there are no cats there and the streets are paved with cheese.  Fievel and his family soon find out that America is not so different from home.

* Fieval is very curious and his curiosity sometimes gets him in big trouble.  He wanted to see the fish so bad during the terrible storm that he throws his hat up the stairs and tells his dad he's "looking for his hat" when really he wanted an excuse to go up the stairs and go to the top of the boat.  Since he did that, he got out of his father's reach and got swept away in the storm.  Great teachable moment to tell our children that parents are here to keep them safe, and when they lie or disobey and move out of our circle of safety they are open to danger just the way Fievel was and the reason why Fievel gets separated from his family.

* Fievel is one determined little mouse.  Even though he gets separated from his family, his sister still has hope that he is alive and Fievel is confident he will find them if he searches hard enough.

* I love how this movie mirrors what immigrants from Europe and all around the world went through as they traveled to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's in search of a better life, new opportunities, freedom, and a new start.  It will be neat to show the kids where Russia is on the map, and Ellis Island in NY Harbor.

* I also enjoyed hearing all the accents from other cultures and bits and pieces of different languages.  I think that is so important to teach our children that not everyone looks like you, talks like you or lives like you, but that God has made us all unique and put us in all different parts of the world, and that when we come together we can share the wonders of each others different experiences and cultures.

Kristi's Negatives-

* I really couldn't find any... but I'm open to anyone else's opinions...

Kristi's Rating- 10

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  1. I agree! This is an awesome movie! It is also a great one to teach history with when dealing with early immigration.


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