30 November 2010

Mark at 18 Months: Mr. Personality

Mr. Mark at 18 Months has quite the sense of humor and personality now...he's reminding me of his Daddy!

After our lovely Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends, Mark decided to climb on top of the coffee table and get everyone's attention with his antics.

He did quite a good job.

He got everyone's attention, everyone laughing and had to clap for himself at a job well done.

Then he did a great job going to other people and spending one on one time with them.

He just loves technology, so playing with phones is super cool.

Sometimes we have to work on our temper when we don't get our way, but this is normal and a part of a toddlers little growing up process.

But we love being with Daddy and Julia and Mommy the best, because they are so silly and always make us laugh.

Mark loves to explore his surrounding by sampling everything!!!  And what better way than to taste things!

He is a very good listener and likes to mimic everything Miss Julia does.

Hey, did you know this is my Daddy?  He's really great!

Mark's repetive words are:

* Mama
* Dada
* Cook (cookie)
* Ball
* Football
* Touch down
* Mine (thank you, Julia...no, not happy about this word)
* No (said only when we ask if we can bite his hiney, LOL)
* Bye Bye
* One More (for more)
* Make, Make, Make (one of our Bible songs...Make, Make, Make a joyful noise!)
* Jeez (Jesus loves me song, he prompts this one in the car or right before bed)

He signs for "please" and "milk" and "thank you" 

Mark, you are mommy's FAVORITE son!  I love you!  And I'm so proud to be your mommy!


  1. What a little sweetheart! Love his red hair and huge smile, I'm sure he is just a joy to be around. =)

  2. Good boy!!!! Love you little man!


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