18 June 2012

Chinese School Enrollment

Julia's Fall Enrollment at Monmouth Chinese School

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Julia has been officially enrolled next year for Chinese School on Saturdays.  It's a fun 3 hour program for 4-5 year olds with games, snacks, and a language program. 

John took Chinese at Pace University and since he is quite the linguist he picked it up quite well.  He was even able to use it on our mission trip to China in 2005.  We took classes in China that month as well.  John has been teaching the kids Mandarin for the past year and a half, I wish you could hear their accent and enunciation.  It's amazing how quick kids pick things up.  We bought a Rosetta Homeschool Chinese program for kids as well that he uses.

It's just another great way for the kids to learn more about other cultures and other languages and add to their resume one day.  I'm so excited for Julia.  She is going to be so happy to go come September!

Thanks Daddy!

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