25 June 2012

Summer time fun

Reading Kick off Program

Saturdays are generally very busy days for us and the kids.  We have taekwondo in the morning and then we always like to do something fun with the kids since Daddy is home.

So after we eat breakfast, shower, dress, and do a few quick chores like straightening up and some laundry we are out of the door!

This particular weekend we went to our library to enroll the kids in the summer reading program--us and practically 200+ other parents and kids.  As an educator seeing that many people in the library made me SO happy.  It's wonderful to see parents get involved with their kids learning.  We saw our friends there, John got to sit with Marky and see some cool super hero books Mark loves, and Mark fell in love with a Bee Magazine (which we found out later we could not borrow from the library, I never saw Mark cry so hard at the check out line...we will definitely be ordering this Kids magazine on bugs...he LOVES Science stuff).

And for me to see my kids so excited to stay and read, and color and be in the library on a Saturday is just awesome!

It never fails, when we go to the children's section Julia's first order of business is to choose a picture to color and get right to business.

Mark was so excited to show Daddy his special "super hero" spot where all his fun books are.

Daddy and Mark reading all about BEES!

Julia's friend Scarlett and a new buddy she met that day.

After we ate some bagels and coffee we headed to the park to play!

My brave and super handsome boy.

After nap time we went to Whole Foods to get some healthy grub and John made us an Asian soup and California Rolls...and I made fresh salad from our very own garden!

Life is Good!

It was a great weekend and we are ready to read the summer away and earn some fun prizes along the way!


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