26 June 2012

Making Memories

"Please excuse the mess, my children are making memories."

All too often I am so stuck on my to-do list and my cleaning up that I forget the importance of making those fun memories with my kids.  This weekend my husband played and played and played with the kids every chance he got and every time they asked.  Julia is 4 years old and pretend play is so fun for her right now.  In this picture they were "driving in the car" together and Daddy was using a plate as a steering wheel.  He was making loud turns and going way too fast, Julia had to stop him and say "Daddy please slow down this is too fast and too loud!"  (Oh, my goodness did she sound like me!)  John said sadly, "OK..." and they did another pretend quick turn and had her laughing.

The things they will remember are not Mommy kept a clean house or had squeaky clean floors, but that mom and dad always took the time to make us feel special and pretended with us.  Oh, Lord, help me to take the time to do that today.


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