29 June 2012


"Initiative prompts you to tackle the task before you are told, before you are asked, and before the last minute!"

Ask any third or fourth grade student that I've had about the "inatiative quote" and they would be able to say it verbatim.

This was my motto at TCS and in the classroom.  One of my jobs that I took very seriously was instilling a sense of responsibility and respect of one's work in each student.

Another quote was, "School is your business, your job and your responsibility."
 As a stay at home mom and teacher to my children these same truths run true at home.  Procrastination or being lazy is simply NOT allowed.  Being on time, getting our work done first, and being cleanly over our rooms and toys shows mommy and daddy respect.  These are things we are working on with our 3 and 4 year old.  This means we are teaching them to...

*put dirty clothes in the hamper
*dirty dishes in the sink
*clean up after playtime
* shoes go in our closet
*we make our bed
*school comes before play
*a good attitude is most important
*complaining or grumbling is not tolerated

Yes, I run a pretty tight ship over here, as John says.  And sometimes it does feel like I'm running a Nascar pit stop.  But there are things to clean, places to go, and people to see.  We have so many things to achieve and learn each day and I don't want to waste one minute.  Our days are packed, but there is a rhyme and reason of why we do what we do.  And nap time is sacred, because we work and play hard and our bodies need rest.

"Initiative prompts you to tackle the task, before you are told, before you are asked and before the last minute!" 

And you'd be surprised at how quickly little ones memorize quotes!  


  1. I love it!!!! Great post today!!!!! Keep them coming!!! Love you, girl!!!!

    Kathy M

  2. I love this, we are doing very similar things with our kids 4 and 2 years old. They know that after playing they need to pick up the toys. Dirty clothe goes in their hampers, one way I started doing this was bath time they will undress and each one takes their dirty clothe to their hamper before getting in the water. Also when they are done eating dirty dishes in the sink( this is where IKEA plastic plates are awesome) I know they will not break. Thank you for sharing I am your newest follower :)

  3. THIS is soooo you! Can I borrow your motto? I love it! Great post sweetie - tucking away for future use! xoxo C


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