20 June 2012

90 Degrees

Hot Weather...ways to keep cool

Here in the North East it is common for there to be at least 15 days of 90 degree weather during the summer time.  This week for the next 3 days it will be above 90 degrees!  

So this playdate coordinator, stay-at-home mama is planning ways to keep us all cool!!!

Today we were scheduled to visit the farm, but I cancelled that trip when I heard how hot it was gonna be!  I decided to see how many moms wanted to follow us to the Dorbrook Sprayground water park.  So far it looks like there is going to be a bunch of us keeping cool there today!  So donned with our sunblock, sun visors, and swim suits we will be keeping cool at the water park.

Tomorrow I was thinking of heading to the beach, I just have to recruit some friends to tag along!  We also have a lake near our house at Cheesequake park if all else fails.  

And since I have two fair children I was thinking that Friday we could stay indoors and see the new movie BRAVE with the adorable female hero with gorgeous red hair.  It's a new movie for kids coming out this weekend.  At the Disney store they have been advertising this movie for months now!  John and I saw coming attractions recently and the movie looks sooooo goooood!!!

What do you do to keep cool??? 

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  1. I know that pool! :) You can always keep cool here!!! And I never asked you, how was Brave? xoxo C


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