14 June 2012

My Daddy Is....

This was one of our Father's Day Crafts:

 The kids had to answer the questions in their own words (and this is what makes it so funny!)  P.S. my husband wants everyone to know that he is NOT 44!  In ten years he will be but until then, no more jokes!!! LOL

My Dad is ____44______ years old.
His hair is _____brown__ and his eyes are __blue__.
My Dad likes to wear _________his uniform______.
He loves to eat ____________sushi____________.
He is smart because he knows ___us______ . 
My Dad works hard at _____work_____________.
Daddy always tells me ________to go to bed______.
It makes my Dad happy when ____he's home_______.
If he could go on a trip, he would go _____to the beach___ and he would take ______all of us_________.
I really love when my Dad ____goes outside with us.__.
If I could give my Daddy anything it would be __a toy___.
My favorite thing about my Daddy is  _____to play with him____.

Love, Julia (4) and Mark (3)

Honey, we are so blessed with such smart and beautiful kids!!!


  1. This is so cute. Their answers are so innocent... I am sure you are going to enjoy this for years to come.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. awww...too cute! They grow so fast Kristi...as you well know!!

  3. Thank you Jillian!

    Yes Liz you are right!

  4. Aww...how sweet!! This is precious! I love that they are using their own words and the age thing is great! :)


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