11 June 2012

It's Coming All Together

The Curriculum Came!

On Wednesday, our curriculum for reading, writing, numbers, and phonics by Abeka came!  Oh my word!  We have been doing great finishing up our Pre-K phonics and reading program through Abeka and starting our Kindergarten Math Saxon that I was thinking this will be a snap once the rest of the Kindergarten curriculum comes in...ummmm, wow, two boxes later and lots of coffee and planning I finally figured out how to incorporate and plan for our school year.  We've been doing 30-40 minutes of school work for Pre-K each day, but now it looks like our day will be a bit longer, as should be expected...and Julia will have homework (this will be review reading time with Daddy ten minutes each night).

I have our days planned out and my goal will be to do 20 school days per month.  We've already gotten a head start with Math and are already 14 days into the program, and once we finish our Math Saxon 115 or so days, we will begin First Grade Math probably by the Winter months.

I love that Abeka had a Scheduling Agenda on page T-10 of our K5 Homeschool Book so it gave me a good guideline of how to fit everything in each day.  We work early in the morning and so if we start around 8:30 am we will be done by 10 am and can do our library time, gymnastics, or MOPS/BSF time.  It's amazing how much flexibility you have with homeschooling.  I'm not one to procrastinate though so I think most days we will do our 70-90 minutes of work right away, and only once a week when we have BSF will we do it after lunch time.

Here's our Breakdown of Time:

Bible: 10-15 min (devotionals, awana book, memory verse review, etc)

Phonics: 10 min

Writing and Reading: 10 min

Numbers/Number Writing: 10-15 min

Saxon Math: 15-20 min

Activity Time 10-20 min (Science/History/Art/Games)

****Homework Reading: 10 min

I already made a tentative schedule for the Fall but we are going to have a planning and practice week the end of July to iron out any wrinkles.  I'm glad to finally have all the curriculum because now it feels really real and official!  



  1. wow how awesome! me, personally, would never want to do this, to be honest. I love my kids but i prefer highly that they attend school. God bless you as you endeavor on this journey! You are very, very blessed that John is such an encourager of what you are doing!! :)


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