04 June 2012


Hi Blog Friends!

 We have had a very busy weekend and I've decided to be unplugged this week from my blog.

We have two final weeks left of pre-school work before our big Field Day with our home school group on June 15th and so we have lots to do.

We've already begun our Kindergarten Math work which Julia (and even Mark) love!  I just find it hard to be pulled in too many directions right now so I thought it best to focus on the kids and school!  Next week I will post on Julia's Gymnastics Recital and start my Book Club: Give Them Grace.

Love to you all!


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  1. I am so feeling what you are feeling right now, I feel so pulled in a million directons too! I'm following you now, stopped by from the mingle. Stop by and follow along too if you'd like!


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