11 January 2013

"God Moment"

Five Years Ago...

You were too tiny to walk or talk or do anything on your own.

You were only 8lbs and could barely hold your head up.

You needed us for everything.

You didn't ask for what you wanted you just let us know when you needed a diaper change, or some warm milk.

You were small, and helpless and rarely ever cried...I still remember being teased at church about how you were the easiest baby ever because you never seemed unhappy or cried.

But now you can walk, talk, make your own breakfast, take your own bath, make your own bed, clean up your room, memorize Bible verses, read words, add and subtract, write words, ride a bike, whistle, skip, jump, do gymnastics and taekwondo and speak another language for goodness sakes.  My how you have grown.

Today on our ride home from Awana we were listening to music and out of the blue you said, "Mommy, you are a great mom."  And that was that.

You just spoke from your heart. 

And I loved it.

Thanks Julia for that "God moment"...your love and your life is such a gift.

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