31 January 2013

What one shouldn't say to a pregnant lady

 Think before you speak!

To all you sweet people who would never dare hurt someone's feelings this post will make you smile. To all of you who may have put your foot in your mouth this post will make you chuckle.
To all of you who say what you want and could really care less about how others may feel--pay attention!

Ok, now it has to be said, I'm very sensitive. Most of you know this already. So I might not be the authority on this subject.  With that being said, I am pregnant and therefore I do have experience on the subject. I'm also 5 foot 3 and 8 months pregnant. I have a small frame and a very big baby belly.

For some reason people feel as though when you are pregnant they have every right to comment on the way your body looks....um when was it ever anyone's right to come up to a woman and comment on her body?  Pregnant or not I would never go up to a friend or a stranger and comment on how big, little, fat, thin, tall, short, wide narrow he/she was. Why? Because A. I'm nice. B. it's common sense. C. I would never want to say the wrong thing and accidentally hurt their feelings.

In the last few months here are some comments I have had said to me:

1. Oh my goodness I can't believe how big you got!
2. If you are that big now and have 2 months to go I can't believe how big you will be!
3. Oh my word, lady! (a total stranger at Costco today)
4. Wow you're huge!
5. Are you having trouble fitting behind your table?
6. You look really good spermeated....
7. Are you smuggling a basketball?

Most of these comments were from friends, one was from a family member, and two were from a stranger.

I finally had had it today at Costco and I looked the woman straight in the face and said "I really don't appreciate your comment.". To which she replied, " oh I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it!"

Haven't you heard the saying, " if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything?"

And P.S. I know I'm big thank you very much, I look at myself in the mirror every day! I've watched my belly grow from day 1... And I love it. It's my son. It's my baby and I wear it proudly. I know with every pound I gain and every inch my belly stretches to a life is being fearfully and wonderfully made.

So...with all that being said here are some great things to say to a pregnant lady, if you definitely know she's pregnant!!!

1. I love your belly bump!
2. You look great!
3. You are glowing!
4. You carry so nicely!
5. You look beautiful!

A kind word goes a long way!!!


  1. Oops! Blew it on the very first one -- yikes!! I meant it in love and admiration though...you are definitely a beautiful, glowing preggie mama!! ;)

  2. I completely agree and understand what you are saying....sadly these rude people and comments aren't only directed at pregnant people. So I say...forget them and move on. There are plenty of wonderful, caring folks out there with something nice to say! ANd you do look awesome. :-) Karen

  3. OOPS! i'm with liz. i think i blew it too. i think once i said to you "wow you got really big!" and if i didn't say it, then i thought it, and that's just as rude! anyhoooooooo, it's better to confess and have a clear conscience because you look absolutely gorgeous and glowing pregnant!! this comment really spooked me "You look really good spermeated....". okay, having said all that, have a most wonderful preggo day! love and hugs, ilse :)


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