17 January 2013

Presents from Baby

Me and Julia
 Everyone loves spoiling and holding a new baby...

That's what I'm afraid of!  I know we will have tons of visitors and family and friends who come to see the baby and most likely bring gifts for the newborn which is so nice of them!

Our third baby is on his way, and yet I still have two young children who I don't want to feel left out, forgotten, or over looked...

So at my last doctor's appointment a mom gave me an awesome idea.  She had her newborn "give" presents to the big brother or sister.  This is what she said to her kids: "Your baby brother wanted you to have this special toy because he loves you very much."

On Monday, I took the kids to the Barnes and Noble and had them pick out their favorite toy item since our book store has a kid's toy section.  I got some great ideas as to what baby brother can bring them when they come to see him at the hospital.  Mark had his eye on this really cool fireman outfit and toys with it and Julia kept holding this stuffed cat she named.  I just watched to see whatever they liked and wanted to bring home.  One day this weekend I'm going to sneak over to the store and pick up the gifts for the kids and wrap them.

This way when everyone is ooohing and ahhhing over the baby, mark and Julia will get to open up presents from their very cool baby brother who thought of them and got them something special.

I thought this was a great idea for younger siblings! 

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