01 January 2013

-Great Expectations-

At my mom's house for Christmas
Happy New Year!

This is going to be a GREAT year!

I'm expecting God to do GREAT things in us, through us, and for us!  I know His plans for us are indeed GOOD.

Jeremiah 29: 11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

In 2013 we are EXPECTING some GREAT things, and here they are:

1.  The arrival of our second son, Micah some time this Spring!  These past few days I've been experiencing some back pain and discomfort and reminder of labor pains came to my mind.  I'm counting on God to help me through another water birth and the use of no interventions or medical surgery to have Micah.  I'm so thankful for a great team, my husband and my doula for support and this time I plan on letting our family know exactly when we drive to the hospital so they can meet us there...I'm expecting a quick delivery on this baby #3!

2. We are becoming members at a new church this January called Jacob's Well and we know God will use us and our gifts/talents for His glory.  It's been a very difficult journey to change churches and make new friends, but we really felt God's leading and His blessing on this issue and we are thankful for our new church family.

3. We have decided to continue homeschooling our children (this will be a year by year decision as our family grows) so we look forward to doing Kindergarten with Mark this Spring and First Grade with Julia.  I'm looking forward to continue to  teach Julia to read and to continue to expand on the basics of phonics and math with Marky. 

4. We have decided to do some home improvements before we put our home on the market again this year.  We are starting in the kitchen this winter with new cabinets, some new walls, and changing some vanities in the bathrooms.  We are looking for a home to fit our growing family.  I know God will lead us to the right town, and the right neighborhood and open doors where doors need to be opened.

5. I am expecting God to continue to bless the fruit of John's labors.  John has a huge Taekwondo tournament that he is running this February and he is continuing his CFP (Certified Financial Planner course).  He has a lot on his plate these next few months but I know God will bless his labor (he studies so hard and sometimes stretches himself too thin between the two jobs) and allow him to have the rest he needs at night and on the weekends.

Psalm 40: 5 says "Many, Lord my God,
    are the wonders you have done,
    the things you planned for us.
None can compare with you;
    were I to speak and tell of your deeds,
    they would be too many to declare."
In 2013 I am expecting great things from the Lord because He is a faithful God who loves and provides for His people.  I'm so blessed to be a follower of Jesus.

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