03 January 2013

He Does It EVERY YEAR...

Every Year John goes above and beyond at Christmas time...

 This year I thought things would be very different.  A week before Christmas John told me he needed to go Christmas shopping and he needed my SUV...we had company coming at 5:30 pm and he left at 12:30 pm to get my car detailed and to head to Freehold Mall...so I thought.  At 6pm he arrived with a white Sienna mini van with a huge red bow on it!

Okay, so I figured that was my Christmas present.  And trust me when I tell you I don't need anything, so I really didn't expect any thing, especially since John already gave me the gift of my dreams...our soon to be born baby boy.  So I got a baby and a minivan and really I was content...

Then Christmas morning came...

And the gifts were strewn all over the living room, big boxes for the kids, and for me...

I felt awful.  John told me our budget on gifts so I bought him 2 amazing sweaters at his favorite Banana Republic store, a church shirt from there and some new cologne, a picture frame with all of us, and stocking stuffers.  I totally stayed within the budget....

Ahem...somebody did NOT!  LOL

He got me a new Cuisanart crock pot (I'm using it tomorrow to make chicken enchilada soup for the first time).

He got me a new set of gorgeous stainless steel knives.  They are gorgeous.

He got me a 10 piece set of All Clad pots and pans (OH MY WORD...the best chefs in the country use this in their kitchen they are stainless steel, sleek and gorgeous, and make your food to perfection...this alone was over budget...WAY over budget considering two of these pans run for $300).

He got me silver napkin rings because he knows I love to set the table in advance and make the table look pretty.

And he got me a new set of 8 of these porcelain white soup bowls because he says I make the best stoups and soups and they should only be served in the best dishes.

So once again, he spoiled me.  And I liked this year's theme because I am all about the kitchen and cooking lately.  The past 3 years I feel like I turned a corner in the cooking department.  I went from a novice cook to a "serious cooker", as Julia would call me!

So this post was to brag on my husband for being so good to me once again this year!  Thank you babe.  Thursday's recipe can be found on my Pinterest page under Crockpot meals!

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