07 January 2013

Three Birthday Parties and Three Cakes Later...

Julia's cake
Well, we survived!

As you know we took Julia to the American Girl Doll place in NYC on December 22...then we had a family New Year's Eve party on the day of her actual birthday, and this past Sunday after church we finally had her closest friends Princess Party at the Taekwondo School.

P.S.  Mommy and Daddy are all birthday-ed out...good thing we have until March for Micah's arrival birthday and May for Mark's 4th birthday to recuperate!

Brother and Sister blowing out the candles
We invited 16 kids (12 girls and 4 boys) and 12 showed up!  At the very last minute we had some sick children cancel with bad coughs and fevers, thank you to those parents who kept your children home, we at Team Mac really appreciate that because this cold/flu season has been awful!

I have to say a big thank you to my sister Sara who helped me get the balloons while we were at church, she helped me set up, clean up, and helped with the face painting on the kids.  She was so wonderful she even was our photographer at times!  Thank you Aunt Sara!

The next big thank you goes to Daddy John.  Oh my word, my friends are still talking about how awesome John did with the kids.  He took all 12 kids and did taekwondo with them solo.  He basically gave them a kid class and the kids and the dads who helped were all awesome.  Everyone had so much fun and there were so many smiles.  Our princess party was a cool one because the kids learned self defense moves and jiu jitsu moves and how to use their voice to protect themselves.  It was so cool!

Some of the princesses!

Daddy on the mat with the kids...the kids were in the palm of his hand, they were such well behaved good listeners and John's ability to captivate them and play fun games was experienced by all who watched.  I was such a proud wife yesterday, seriously, he's amazing.

Julia and her cousin Lizzy...best friends...so sweet.

Teaching the kids to yell, "GET BACK!"

When the kids first arrived Sara and I had fun face painting rainbows, footballs, hearts and princess faces on the kids.

Jennifer patiently waiting for cake!!!

I asked Julia what colors our theme should be and of course she said, "PINK!"

Mark wanted a puppy face.  I thought Sara did a great job!

A big shout out to all the dads who came and helped John lead some parts.  Here the kids had to run up say the number and then punch it out of the foam circle...one little girl ran up just to hug her daddy's leg...priceless.

Beautiful Emma (our library friend) showing us her gymnastics moves!  My kids constantly say, "Mommy, isn't Emma so cute?"  Yes, she is.

Well honey, we survived!  We celebrated and spoiled our Julia for her 5 year old milestone, and guess what?  I think she felt pretty special.

We love you Julia!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!  May you have many many more! 

And thanks to all the Moms who inspire me and are just great friends and moms every day!

I love you girls!  My beautiful library stay-at-home mom friends!

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