16 January 2013

Pardon Me...I've been nesting!

My Marky...isn't he a dream boat?
Nesting: The act and art of getting one's life together before a little one arrives!  (Kristi Macs definition)

I've had so many great blog post ideas lately and yet we've been so busy with fun things like MOPS play dates, BSF, and Taekwondo AND nesting, that I haven't had a minute in front of the computer (which is a good thing, if I might add).

Although when my kids take their nap around 1:30 or 2:00 you better believe I quickly throw in a load of laundry, clean up the sink, and go and lay down right on the couch myself.  After all, growing a person is very tiring! 

This week I have gotten a lot done around the house and have had a lot of play time and school time with the big kids.  (I'm finding myself realizing that Julia and Mark are officially the "big kids" and my new little guy will be in the new batch of my little ones, or my baby).

I've been taking every opportunity to tickle, read stories, do puzzles, have lap time and just talk because I know life will indeed change once our new little guy gets here...I can't believe I'm at week 30!!!!  So, while my kids have been doing their writing or math homework at the kitchen table, or eating lunch, I've been busy tackling my little "nesting projects" around the house...things that I know will just have to wait when the baby gets here, but can totally be done right now.


Monday: Consignment Store Shopping
Tuesday: Clean out ENTIRE Fridge
Wednesday: Clean out Pantry
Thursday: Have a friend over for lunch
Friday: Visit with Great Grandpa for Dinner

Last Friday, a friend took me to a great consignment shop where you can turn in your children's clothes for credit and shop for your children with huge discounted prices.  I'm talking getting a Ralph Lauren shirt that could be $30 in a department store for only $2!  So on Friday I bought some things for all 3 kids and brought a bag of girl clothes to turn in for credit.  And over the weekend I went through Julia's closet and drawers again to find more items to drop off on Monday.  You would not believe the value of the clothes and shoes and the price differences!  It was awesome! 

I got Julia a great pair of black church shoes for only $10 and they were Stride Rite shoes BRAND NEW from the box!  I got a pair of white baby shoes for our Micah for only $10 and same thing they were BRAND NEW and Stride Rite...Stride Rite shoes are usually $45-60.  My Little Haven in Spotswood is awesome!  I got some great pieces for the baby too which I was really pleased about.  And Mark was really pleased about the Spider Man snow boots we got him for $10 which he wears all around the house even though there is no snow.

Tuesday we had a fun play date with my MOPS group at the Party Jungle in Manalapan.  10 moms showed up and about 16 kids!  It was great fun.  The kids got to rock climb, go on the indoor trampoline, go in the ball pit, climb all the cool tubes and go down the indoor slide, in addition to being with all their friends.  My favorite part was watching Julia mother all the 2 and 3 year old kids and when she had to go to the bathroom she told one of my friends, "Could you please watch Ellie, I need to use the potty."  Ummm, she forgot my friend was fully capable of watching her own daughter.  Oh, Julia you are a riot.

Today at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) I got to just sit and go over my bible homework with my group, and here the lecture on Genesis 16 and 17 and also just be with a great group of godly women.  My kids love BSF because there is a whole structure to the day...they call it their "bible school"  they get to paint, sing worship songs, listen to the bible story of the day, draw pictures, play games, and of course they have snack time.  Julia was so happy because Aunt Debi was in her class today as a helper.  That was an added bonus!

Tomorrow I get to have a friend over who is finally done with her course work and we can just sit and chat and get all caught up.  In the evening we get to enjoy Awana Club time and our memory verse is from Mark 12:30 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might!"

Friday after gymnastics we will probably just have a relaxing day, and then head to my mom's to celebrate my grandpa's birthday.

Something fun I did today at the grocery store today...buy size 1 diapers...I haven't had to do that in a LONG time!  He will be here soon...

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