02 January 2013

Julia's Well Visit

 January 2, 2013

Julia went to her doctor's appointment today for her 5 year check up.

She now weighs 43lbs and is 44 inches tall!  She is 75% in weight and 95% in height.  She is our forever growing girl.

Today I realized just how grown up my kids are getting.  At the doctor's office each of them brought a Ranger Rick magazine (our history/science element to our homeschool routine, filled with animal facts, animal habitats, current events, fun stories, drawing ideas, word finds, etc.).  They each sat at the table and read their magazine and happily used their doctor office pens to do their "assignments".  I can't believe I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old (ALMOST 4...he reminds me all the time).

 It just seems very fitting that our newest arrival will be here soon because, well, I'm running out of babies!

The doctor proceeded to check Julia's eyes, hearing, back, heart, blood pressure, etc, and he let me ask as many questions as I wanted.

Then came the dreaded 5 year old booster shots.  Poor Julia has gotten shots since her 3 year visit and when we walked into the shot room and the nurse came in she goes, "Oh, mom, I didn't know I had to get a shot."  I knew she would be brave but when the nurse gave her the shots (apparently these shots are extra painful) poor julia let out a wail.  The pain was bad, and I totally forgot to give her tylenol before we came.

My special lunch plan afterwards never happened because all julia wanted was comfy pants on and some medicine to take away the pain.  She didn't even want her victory lollipops or sticker, although mark happily took two.

When we got in the car Julia was still tearing up and says, "I don't want mark to have to get his shots when he's 5.  I'm going to be scared for him."  Mark piped in, "Me too!  I don't want my shot!"  I tried to tell them that the shots are important to keep them safe from diseases and that we only do it to protect them, but nobody really cared about my logic at that moment.

We had a nice tuna melt lunch at home with yogurt, veggies and dip and chips.  That really seemed to help.  Then Julia watched her fresh beat band on the ipad and had her lollipop.

And would you believe it?  By 1:00 both were in bed fast asleep.  My 5 year old still takes naps!  God is good.

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