26 January 2013

Les Mis

On Friday I got to have a girl night with my bestie, Christy, to celebrate her birthday.  We always take each other out for a movie night because since we are both moms quality time is very hard to come by.  She suggested Les Mis and everyone I talked to who saw it, loved it.  I had never seen the Broadway play and was really excited to finally see it on the big screen.

If I could sum up the movie in 3 words they would be Grace and Forgiveness.  Now, you know how foreign films are known for raw, true to life, keep it real, not always happy ending films.  That's what makes them so great.  Well, even though Les Mis had a lot of American actors and actresses the time period and place was set right before the beginning of the French Revolution in France and the poverty that the people faced and the sadness could truly be felt throughout the movie.

Anne Hathaway (Fantine) played a single mom and she did an amazing job as the lovely Cosette's mother who tried to do anything and everything to support her daughter during such an economically difficult time.  I didn't know Anne had such a beautiful voice...oh my word, when she sang "I dreamed a dream..." it was so passionate and sorrowful, and yet beyond beautiful.  I can promise you that we have all been where she was in her pit of despair.  We've all imagined our lives to be different from what they turn out to be...we all start out as little girls or little boys with great big dreams of a prince charming, or wealth, or a powerful position...and sometimes, obviously, all of our dreams don't come true.

I loved Hugh Jackman's (Jean Valjean) and Russell Crowe's (Javert) characters.  These two men were the main characters of the show...good vs. evil.  I kept envisioning the movie gladiator, because to me Russell Crowe is not the type to sing in a musical with his big muscles and all...but he was awesome...even if he was the villian of the show.  And is there any part or any thing that Hugh Jackman can't do??? He was phenomenal....I think he deserves an Academy Award for this film!  I never have a chance to watch the Academy Awards so if he did get one already he really deserved it.

And then there is Cosette, and Eponine...with the famous songs as "On my own," and "Castle on a Cloud."  I've always known those major Broadway songs because of all the auditions and plays I've been a part of, but I never knew the story behind the songs, and now I have a full appreciation for them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie...even when the baby was literally jumping on my organs because he loves music...seriously he is a music lover.  And the reason why wasn't the great acting or singing, but the story line of grace and forgiveness that runs throughout the movie.  It shows you how every man and every woman, every boy and every girl deserves a second chance, a third chance, etc.  Yes rules should be followed, yes honesty and integrity always win out, but no one is perfect and we could all use a little grace.  Grace is worth fighting for, and dying for.  I couldn't help but think of Christ on the cross.  The one man on earth who actually lived a perfect life and wasn't arrogant or haughty but so generous with his forgiveness of our sins and grace.

Les Mis is a must see!


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