27 January 2014

And Then There Was Love...Tony's Side

Meet Tony and Jaime

Here is Tony's answers to the marriage interview questions.  I loved Tony's honesty and humor in all his answers...and some of his answers were so sweet.  I can tell that God put two awesome people together.  I love how He can do that!!!

1.     When did you two meet? A long time ago, before Five Guys turned me into Two Guys

2.     Who approached who first? I approached Jaime first, She thought I was cocky and arrogant and didn’t want to deal with me. As you can expect, curiosity got the better of her and she couldn’t help herself.

3.     Who spoke the most and who was shy in the beginning? I spoke first, and neither one of us really gets very shy. Jaime only ever pretends to be shy when she orders a lot of food at a restaurant so she appears dainty.

4.     Where was your first date? How did it go? I took Jaime to the mall, I bought a suit (because… handsome) and drove her down to Atlantic City in my coupe like I was James Bond. (I was) We went to dinner, gambled a bit and I kissed her against a pillar in the casino while we were waiting for the valet to bring my car around at the end of the night. It was as pompous as I could get.

5.     When did you know that Tony was the one! How long did it take to learn this.  I think Jaime was probably most impressed with how handsome I was. Perhaps it was my jawline. On the other hand, I smell really good too. Maybe it was because of how humble I can be? Now that I think of it, my biceps sealed the deal. NO! Wait… my melodious voice.

6.     How did Tony propose?  Were you surprised? I was in NJ for a business meeting. I was living in Pennsylvania at the time. I had already worked things out with Jaime’s parents. After the meeting, I picked Jaime up and pretended to be in a horrible mood. It was the Summer so I asked if we should get ice cream for us and her family from Dairy Queen. As I had set up, the guy at Dairy Queen put an ice cream cake (her favorite) in the bag and everything in our order on top. The cake said “Will You Marry Me”. I deliberately annoyed Jaime and just said I wasn’t in a good mood and told her to just unload the bag. She HATED me at that moment. She was throwing the items on the counter and cursing me out under her breath. Finally she gets to the cake and says “What the heck is this? They messed up and gave us a cake! Idiots!” then she reads the cake and says, “Oh my God! They really screwed up! Someone was supposed to get engaged!” She turned around and I was on one knee. She slapped me. I asked her, “So are you gonna marry me?” Jaime was surprised… she never actually said “Yes”, she just kept hitting me and saying “Shut up!”.

7.     During the wedding did anything unexpected/funny happen during the ceremony or reception? What was your favorite part? What memory sticks with you even now? – We got married on the beach in Jamaica. After the ceremony, both us and the entire Bridal Party hopped on Jet Skis in our tuxedos and gowns (Jaime can always get another dress when she remarries)

8.     What is Jaime’s best trait? Me

9.     What is Tony’s best trait? I am oozing with machismo

10.                        What is your secret to a great marriage? We laugh constantly and both admire how awesome I am.

11.                        How do you solve disagreements? We both have a vote in a disagreement, then Jaime gets the tiebreaker.

12.                        How do you share/divide housework? I do my chores and then do Jaime’s when she doesn’t do them. Jaime nags the entire time.

13.                        What trips have you gone on as a couple that were very special? I chartered a private helicopter to take us on a sunset tour over New York City, followed by an overnight stay in a hotel suite after we landed. The next day, she got to go shopping. We’ve gone on camping trips, fishing trips, Mexico, Jamaica and many other trips and we always seem to have a great time just doing whatever. I like to enjoy the trips, Jaime likes to chronicle them with pictures to make it “look” like we have a great time.

14.                        What is the best part of being married? It’s the only time when someone has chosen you. Your family didn’t get to pick you. Your kids didn’t say “That’s the Mommy or Daddy I want!” You were chosen. (By the way, Jaime made an EXCELLENT choice) The first time that I said this to Jaime, she got angry and thought I was being mean and nasty. I guess saying, “You know, there’s only one person in this world who ever chose you, and that was me” can be misinterpreted.

15.                        If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation with your spouse where would you go? I was stationed in Pisa, Italy when I was in the Air Force. I’d like to one day take Jaime there. I’d push the Tower of Pisa down on top of her, then watch her striped socks curl up and leave two ruby slippers. (Which I would return for store credit because Jaime keeps all of her receipts)

16.                        If you could sum up your marriage in two words what would they be? “Alright! FINE!!!”


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