13 January 2014

Every Mom Has A Story: Laura Carlone

Every Mom Has A Story:

Laura Carlone

I've known Laura since high school. She is literally one of the sweetest persons you will ever meet!

Laura and I also worked at The Limited together in the mall on the weekends when I was in my early twenties. As a teacher I didn't make all that much money and so I had a weekend and night job to help add income.

Laura and I love fashion and we could talk about clothes for hours. I always loved when we worked the same shift together. She is a hard worker and all the customers loved her.

I also remember sharing with her that we both dated our high school sweethearts and later married them!

I chose to interview Laura because being a young mom of only one little girl she has a very unique perspective of Motherhood. Here is Laura's story...

1. When your daughter was born what thoughts ran through your mind as you held her? 1. When Julianna was born I couldn't stop staring at her thinking I can't believe she's really here! I kept saying I can't believe I'm really holding her! I imagined what the moment would feel like but never could I have imagined what it actually did feel like. It was indescribable!

2. What did you think of childbirth? Would you do it different next time around?

2. Hmmm childbirth is for the birds!! I was in labor for a very long time but I ended up having a c-section. This wasn't what I "planned" but I also didn't go into this with a specific plans mainly because I was so afraid that I didn't want to read too much into things. I was a little upset about the surgery but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, pain and all! I'm not sure what I'll do for next time, hopefully I'm lucky enough to have more kids and I'll see what the safest options are now that I've already had the c-section. As long as I have healthy babies I don't care how they get here!

3. What is the hardest/best part of motherhood?

3. The hardest part of being mom is not knowing the right answers about anything! I'm always looking for someone to tell me what to do but never finding those answers. It's definitely a learn in progress kind of job. The best part of motherhood is that feeling when your baby hugs you, kisses you, or smiles at you just because your mom. The moment Julianna comes running to kiss me or when she just says "hi mommy!" just because. Also, the "I love you mommy" I get before bedtime is the most amazing feeling...every. single. time. 

4. What do you appreciate most about your husband as you raise your daughter?
4. I appreciate the way Mike just gets up and does whatever needs to be done, dishes, laundry, taking the trash out, picking up toys, whatever I ask him he does no complaints ever. I don't know how he doesn't ever complain, especially living with me, but he doesn't, he just does what needs to be done and so many times without me even having to ask him. I'm so lucky... So blessed... So so grateful.

Laura, I love the joy I see on your face with your daughter. She is a beauty and I can feel the love between your family. You are a wonderful mommy. Remember we will never have all the answers, but keep asking all the questions!!! Love you so much!


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