27 January 2014

And Then There Was Love: Jaime's side

  1. Meet Tony and Jaime

  1. Jaime and I grew up in the same schools together. Jaime is a fun loving friend and we both ended up in the teaching field. Jaime and I bump into each other all the time because we still live near our childhood neighborhoods. We both have kids around the same age and Jaime's son used to go to Taekwondo at my hubby's school.

Tony and Jaime are literally the funniest couple I have ever met. We really need to double date some time soon! I gave them the same interview that John and I did...here are their answers...first you will read Jaime's responses...then I will post Tony's...I dare you to not crack up laughing!!! I love their honesty, and I loved all of their answers. I read them to John one night during dinner and I never saw him laugh so much. We had so much fun getting to know them better!


When did you two meet? Tony fired my cousin. My cousin thought he would be able to keep his job if he introduced us (1998) I thought he was arrogant and he thought I was kind of bitchy. We kept in touch through old school AOL dial up for years and one Thanksgiving Day 2000 he called me randomly and here we are
  1. Who approached who first? Tony pursued me. I was just not ready and interested in something, but he is rather persuasive.

  2. Who spoke the most and who was shy in the beginning? I was very shy no matter what he says. Tony sent me flowers EVERY week for 2 months (never ever the same kind) until I met him. (We had been friends online but had never actually met in person still in Feb of 2001). He spoiled me rotten and wrote me poems. We spent hours and hours on the phone. I refused to meet him in person, because this was too good to be true and I did not believe things like this happened to me. Tony snuck up to my house in PA (my roommates were all in on it) On Feb 27, 2001 and that was the first time I had ever seen him face to face. Our relationship was truly based on getting to know one another without ever seeing each other.

  3. Where was your first date? How did it go? Tony surprised me and took me to the mall where he bought suits (Because before me he was loaded and wanted to impress me I think) and then drove to Atlantic City. We listed to Sade while holding hands the whole ride down and we had a great time.  I do not remember the kiss against the column, but I remember the goodbye kiss.

  4. When did you know that ____________ was the one! How long did it take to learn this. I am not sure. He was special from the very first phone call and made me feel just as special. I was not used to this and it took me a long time to finally say “I love you,” even though I knew I did. He proposed 6 months into the relationship because I think he was afraid I would run.

  5. How did ______________ propose?  Were you surprised? Tony nailed that story. I was SO mad at him for ruining a perfectly good evening. I was SO mad we got someone’s cake and ruined someone’s proposal. It was an emotional night. I do not think I ever said yes. I hit him in disbelief A LOT.

  6. During the wedding did anything unexpected/funny happen during the ceremony or reception? What was your favorite part? What memory sticks with you even now? Thirty of our friends and relatives spent a week with us in Jamaica when we got married. Though we were never alone, I would never have had it any other way. My favorite part was riding off after our vows and pictures on jet skiis. I did not tell my mom because I thought she would be FURIOUS that we were all dressed on jet skiis. She WAS furious, that I did not rent her one! My dress sat in a pile on the floor of my room the rest of vaca, it was wonderful

  7. What is ______________ best trait? My gut response is his ability to tolerate me….. But I would have to say, I love his sense of humor and how much he wants to make me happy.

  8. What is your secret to a great marriage? Love, laughter and fighting. If you do not have a fight, you have nothing to lose and nothing to fight for. If you cannot laugh at and with the other person I would say that is a real shame.  I think even though I loved Tony all this time, seeing him be a father has made me fall in love with him more.
  9. How do you solve disagreements? I like to win. Even when I a wrong I like to spin it so I may have a chance at being right….. We disagree a lot, I could never have married someone who did not question me or push me. (Even though I do not necessarily like it)

  10. How do you share/divide housework? I keep telling him we need a cleaning lady and he keeps saying we have one, YOU! Unfortunately the kids gravitate towards me a lot more so I usually take care of them and Tony kinda cleans up our messes.

  11. What trips have you gone on as a couple that were very special? Our honeymoon of course in Jamaica. I loved Mexico, we had such a carefree time. We have done a lot, but I like laying around on beaches so those are my favorite, not Tony’s. He is not a beach guy.

  12. What is the best part of being married? Having someone to pet my head when I am going crazy to calm me down, and someone who laughs and the same things I do. He knows exactly what I am thinking.

  13. If you could go anywhere in the world on a vacation with your spouse where would you go? I would love to go to Bora Bora (get one of those private on the water huts) or Hawaii (pre contaminated fish and water) and Spain. I would go to a Motel 6 if it was a night of uninterrupted sleep with him.

If you could sum up your marriage in two words what would they be? Controlled Chaos



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