23 January 2014

And Then There Was Love...

Marriage Interview

This idea just came to me this week.  Everyone knows I love interviews and surveys.  Since we are about to approach February, the month of LOVE, I thought it would be neat to highlight some married couples and hear their stories of how they met, what their wedding day was like, and the secret to their marriage success.

John and I wanted to share our story first!  Each couple will get the same 16 questions.  But the best part of the interview is that since every couple is so different, the way they answer the questions is so unique.  Sometimes one person answers, sometimes both chime in, sometimes the answers are funny, and sometimes they are serious.  Sit back and relax and read our LOVE story.

1. When did you meet? 

John-In 11th grade we were introduced by our mutual friend Mona, who I am forever indebted to.

2. Who approached who first?

Kristi- John had his people talk to me first before we met.  It was cute how he had his two friends that I knew prep me before we actually saw each other face to face.  It was very high school and very cute.

3. Who spoke the most? Who was shy?

John-Kristi spoke the most I was shy.
Kristi- What? I was so shy! How could you say I spoke the most!?
John-Ok, we were both shy.

4. Where was your first date?

John-We went bowling with friends and ate at a diner.  Then we all went back to my house to watch The Lion King.

5. When did you know that ________ was "the one"?

John-She met my dad at a career fair a few weeks after we first met.  Her hair was curled.  I knew then.
Kristi- Oh my word.  That was so soon!!!!! I didn't know for years after we met.  We were so young.  I didn't have a peace until after John really made a commitment to the Lord.  And once he did, it just hit me like lightning that he was the one I wanted to be with forever and ever.

6. How did you propose?

J-At a choir picnic in the Lambertson's back yard, in front of all her friends on June 9, 2002.  In front of about 75 people.
K-It was a few days before I was headed up to Graduate School at Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania for the entire summer.  I always tease John that he chose to propose to me before I got away!  When John proposed I had no idea.  It was the best day of my life.  I kept staring at my ring for days.  It was so beautiful.  I forgot to answer him right away because I wasn't sure if he asked my parents first, but of course he got their blessing.  I love how when he asked Doug in private that day (he told me this later) he goes, "So Doug...I'd like to spice up your picnic!"  And Doug and Peggie were so happy for us they were glad he chose their place.

7. During the wedding did anything unexpected/funny happen during the ceremony or reception.

J-Bill Weaver dancing on the dance floor like James Brown.  He was good!!!
K-I remember walking down the aisle and seeing John wipe sweat from his brow with a tissue.  I was so worried he was nervous because I was so calm.  But I didn't realize that the air conditioner broke in church and it was a hot August day.  I didn't realize because my dress was strapless and so I was perfectly fine! Honestly, it was an absolute perfect day.  God gave us such a great time.  Everything went very smoothly.

8. & 9. What is ____________ best trait(s)?

K-John has such a strong work ethic.  He is so compassionate.  He forgives so easily.
J-Kristi has a very strong self worth because she knows the value Jesus has put on her life.  Her charming voice and smile and ability to light up a room.  Her innate ability to encourage me as a husband and father as well as others.

10. What is your secret to a great marriage?

John- Our commitment to Jesus is even stronger than our commitment to each other.
K- Our ability to talk things out and LAUGH together.

11. How do you solve disagreements?

J-I wait for Kristi to simmer down and then we talk it out.  We then have a marriage consultant...her name is Victoria's Secret.  LOL
K-I'm not even going to answer that one...

12. How do you divide household chores?

J-As evenly as possible.  I like to do specialized things around the house.  I would rather work on our house than watch t.v.
K-We both chip in.  I do the bulk of it when I'm home but John is really hands on with the kids at night and on weekends, and John always has a "project" going on in the home whether it's fixing up the kitchen like right now with the tile and painting the cabinets, or doing the vanities in the bathrooms, or landscaping, we both work really hard to have a neat home.

13. Where have you traveled as a couple?

K- We went to Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, Mexico for our one year anniversary, we went to London and Oxford for two summers to study with Ravi Zacharias apologetic team, we've led a mission trip to China, we vacationed in Rome, Barcelona, and Paris.  All before the babies came!  So in the first 4 years of our marriage we were world travelers.  It was amazing.  I loved seeing the world with John.  I learned so many different cultures, and began to really appreciate our life in America.  If I could go anywhere again it would be back to Italy...it was breathtaking!!!  Now that we have kids we love taking them to Cape May, the shore, and Camp of the Woods.  We are making new memories with them.  Our first trip with them on a plane was to Florida to visit family and friends.  They loved it!

14. What is your favorite part of being married?

J-We are each other's favorite person.

15. Where do you plan to travel? 

J-Greece, Israel, Turkey
K-I'd love to visit Greece, Switzerland, and Austria (because of the Sound of Music)

16. Two words to describe your marriage?

J-Supportive & Fun
K-Loud & Happy

I love you, John!!! Thanks for doing the interview with me!


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  1. So cute! Maybe I'll have Brenton do something like this for date night and we can compare answers. :)


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