03 January 2014

Every Mom Has A Story: Leah Riehl

Every Mom Has A Story: Leah

Leah and I both serve at the Hospitality team at JW.  

I've had the chance to chat with her on several occasions as we were greeting together.  

There is something super special about Leah and after you read her answers I am sure you will see what/who it is.

She and her husband have a beautiful daughter named Felicity.

I follow Leah on Instagram and she posts some awesome pics of delicious recipes she has made. She is always out and about with her daughter.

I will have to ask her to share one during our recipe swap!

Please read Leah's story...
1. Have you always wanted to be a mom? Yes! I have looked forward my whole life to getting to be a mom and I’m so happy that I have my dream job now!
2. What makes you enjoy motherhood? I don’t always feel it in the day to day, but I know that motherhood is a sacred calling.

I love what Paul Tripp says about the family being the primary learning community, in that every human being has to learn the basics (and not so basics) of life from their family, from how to tie their shoes and feed themselves to understanding the character of the living God. 

Having the opportunity to teach a little person about living well is such a huge gift and responsibility. I love seeing how Felicity grows and learns every day, and that I’m able to participate so much in that process. I love the slow revealing of her character qualities and finding out what makes her laugh, what catches her interest, and developing a vision of who she will become and what her strengths will be, the unique ways she’ll enjoy and glorify God as she grows. 
I also love the fact that motherhood opens a door for friendships with people you might not normally have a reason to get to know in life. Last winter I started a mom’s group on meetup.com called Brunswick Babes, just to be more involved in my community and connect with other stay at home moms. I never would have predicted that it could have taken off like it did! 

We currently have close to 200 members and meet once or twice a week for play dates. I have met so many sweet, funny, amazing women who live just minutes from me that I would have never met otherwise! Being with another mom means you automatically have something really important and personal to talk about, and I think walking through motherhood together forges really special friendships. 
3. Who supports you on your motherhood journey? Who do you look up to? Living life in community at Jacob’s Well is a huge support to me in becoming the mama God wants me to be. The truth about me is that I can be a control freak, a wildly imaginative worrier and incredibly crafty at hiding my sin from others.

Life in a biblical community draws out my sin and the falsehoods I’m not even aware I’m holding onto. I’m both convicted and encouraged when I see another mom speak to a disobedient child with gentleness and self-control, or to hear another mom confess the truth that the lives of our children are not in our hands but God’s. I am so encouraged by honest women are brave enough to reveal their own brokenness and dependence on Jesus Christ to me before I’m strong enough to do so with them. 
Also, our culture is big on the idea that parenting becomes increasingly unpleasant the older your children get or the more you have, and when I look at the seasoned moms of our church 

I am so encouraged not to see beaten down, defeated complainers but really strong, loving, faithful women of beautiful character. It’s plain to see that God will not withhold his grace from me but give it freely and use even the most difficult moments of parenting for my good. 
4. What legacy do you want to leave behind? I hope that at the end of my life, I’ll have ultimately pointed to God and not to myself. 

To live well in the little moments and walk by the spirit so that in the end no matter how small and plain my life is it would be a mosaic that tells of God’s sovereign goodness and wonderful plan. 

To savor true beauty and be present and available to those around me. 

I want know that I gave my best to my family and that I loved with my whole heart, and to have stayed alert, pushing myself past my comfort zones to see more of God’s heart and his love for people. 5. What advice would you give to a new mom??? Renounce the impulse to prove yourself “mom enough” and instead rest in the One who is “God enough” (and repeat x1000). Join a playgroup. 

Never be shy about reaching out for help and advice from other moms. 

Don’t gossip about your children. Fight to keep the romance alive and thriving in your marriage. 

Laugh lots about your failures and thank God for your successes.

Thank you Leah!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved your mom advice. So good for all of us moms! I can't wait to get to know you better!


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  1. I love her advice for moms. Great interview.
    Happy 2014 to you and yours Kristi.


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