17 January 2014

Every Mom Has A Story: Morgan R.

Every Mom Has A Story: Meet Morgan

I met Morgan last year at Jacobs Well.  I met her in the nursery as I would drop off Micah before worship.  I liked her witty sense of humor and noticed her awesome arm muscles right away!

Morgan is a go-getter!  I feel like she is one of the hardest working persons I know.  I never see her sitting.  She is always ready to help, direct, soothe, care for, and be available.  

Morgan and Chris lead the Well Kids ministry at our church and they do an absolutely outstanding job.  They have the dedication and vision and make all of us parents feel safe and comfortable as we drop our children off before service.

What I really love about both of them is that they are real people, love to tease, and make me laugh practically every Sunday.  There have been times when I came to church feeling drained or stressed (because getting 3 little people ready for church early in the am is quite a task) and by the time I signed my kids in I had a smile on because of a joke, a tease, or something.  

Here is Morgan's Mom story...

1. When did you meet Chris?

We met in August 2003 at Indiana University Bloomington (one of the best places on Earth).

2.  Did you guys want kids right away?

We definitely did not want kids right away.  I loved teaching and was very much into continuing my career without having the interruption of kids.  When my sister had her first child (my favorite little girl Olive), it gave us the itch – we got pregnant 3 months later.

3.    You have a son already and you are expecting another one, what are you nervous about/looking forward to?

I’m nervous to go through the sleep deprivation stage again with a toddler now running around during the day.  I’m also a little nervous about my structured life that will fall apart for a period of time – I’m slightly controlling about schedules, time, etc. and I have a little anxiety about how that is going to be effected.  I am so thankful and excited for Desmond to have a brother!  He loves to be with friends and our families and I am so grateful he will finally have a sibling of his own!  I am also super excited to cuddle a little baby again and to see Chris holding a tiny little one again!

4.     You and Chris are both great parents, how did you learn to become a good parent?

Honestly, we are learning every day how to adjust/adapt/discipline/disciple our little guy.  I learned A LOT from teaching for 4 years.  I learned how to deal with frustrating situations, to be patient, and to pick my battles wisely.  I also learned the most important lesson in those years – you have to be consistent with kids.  If you say you’re going to do something, you HAVE to follow through.  Chris wants to be present with our son, he wants to build his relationship with Desmond and he wants to disciple and discipline him.  I feel like this is half the battle – if you want to put in the time, you’re going to learn from your mistakes and you’re going to seek out wise people to learn from.  We both have learned a countless amount of things from our close friends, watching them parent has been incredibly helpful. 

5.    What’s the scariest part of motherhood?

The scariest part of motherhood for me is the fear of wasting time with Desmond (and baby #2).  When days go by when I feel like I haven’t connected with my son, I feel anxious and sometimes angry at myself for being selfish.  I know I (and every mom) need time to myself but I’m talking about the days where I put cleaning the house before Desmond or where I put answering text messages and emails over playing trucks with him.  I never want him to look back at his childhood and think that mommy didn’t sacrifice/serve/spend enough time with him.  I want to be a selfless mom, not in an overly giving my kids whatever they want kind of way, but a mom who clearly puts the needs of others before her own and one who seeks to love Jesus above all else with a heart for teaching her kids these truths.

6.    Pass on new advice – what would it be?

Every difficult season is just that – a season.  When Desmond was first born and my life was seemingly “over”, I couldn’t see past that first few weeks.  My perspective was that life was going to be hard forever, that he would never sleep through the night, we would never hang out with friends again, etc.  I pray with baby #2 that I will enjoy the middle of the night cuddles and I will keep a perspective that it is just a season.

Love you Morgan!!! You know I think you are amazing!  I want to be you when I grow up!  Can't wait to meet your little one in April!!!!!!!!!!


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