07 January 2014

2014 Goal Making

Making Goals for the New Year

We sat the kids down on January 1st before putting them to bed.  We were all in the living room on the carpet and Daddy brought in the white dry erase board so we could brain storm together.  This is something we have done a lot lately now that the big kids are seriously getting older.  These are the things we hope they remember and maybe choose to practice with their own family.

We had just spent the entire day at Liberty Science Center and we were all still excited from a day of fun, and perhaps a little tired since we didn't do a formal nap time.  John went over out Team Mac mission statement which is hanging in our living room.

Here it is: Team Mac exists to be All In for Christ, represent God to one another displaying love, joy and grace and to live out the gospel to our community.

This is really what we desire to be to bring glory to the Lord and to hopefully be a blessing to those around us.

John felt it was very important to ask the kids what things they wanted to work on this year and what things they were looking forward to this year.  We went around the room and started with Micah.

Here is what we are asking God to help us with this year and what things we would like to accomplish this year with the Lord's help.

Look carefully at what the big kids said...we did not help them at all.  I was amazed at what they said because those things were already on my heart and I was so proud of them that they voiced things that would be honoring to their parents.


Sleep through the night
Learn to walk
Get some teeth
Learn baby sign language


Behave and listen to mom and dad
Play basketball and volleyball
COTW (camp of the woods vacation)-not be as shy be more friendly
Learn to read
Respect my family
Try not to complain


Learn to ride bike
play soccer and volleyball
be patient, listen to mom and dad
respect my family
COTW-looking forward to roasting marshmallows


Faithful to read my Bible every morning
Not yelling so much, using a sweeter voice
Go to the gym three times per week
looking forward to COTW and Cape May
Learning to trust the Lord with all my heart


Faithful in prayer and daily devotions
Time with family
Set Business Gross
Faith outreach to friends and family

I learned something from a friend's blog this week.  When we make our goals or our plans putting God first and praying and inviting him into the planning is very important.  We don't ever want God to feel like he actually has to peak over our shoulder to see what we have planned.  

When John sat us down to make our lists and have our talk and prayer time I was tired and didn't have the best attitude, and Micah kept crawling to the board and erasing our answers.

But after the process was all over and I heard everyone's answers and thought about my own, I realized how valuable the time was.  

Thank you John for being such a godly leader.

Lord help us to honor and glorify you this year!

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