09 May 2014

A Legacy of Love

Mom Blessings

God has blessed me with TWO great moms.  My mom and my mother in law are the sweetest, kindest, drop-anything-for-you type of women.  They are both strong, and fun, and their grand kids ADORE them both.

I love that my Mom is the artsy crafty grandma who likes to start messy projects, and paint, and color, and create.  She also loves planting with the kids, and loves when they visit so they can help her water her garden.  She has such a green thumb!  

My kids LOVE the fact that she always has snacks for them, sweets, gummy treats, gum, all the things I was NEVER allowed to have as a kid are now spoiled upon my kids (sigh...lucky ducks).

Question 1: What is your greatest joy being a Mom?

What an incredible joy it is to have a child, watching the excitement of a little one embrace and be captivated by simple joys of life; the excitement of noticing lights dance in a room, coming in from a window.  I remember very specifically the joy of my own daughter as her little legs maneuvered over and over and over again, holding on, one leg up, --to climb onto a shelf.  The picture is still in my mind.

Question 2: Growing up, what important lesson did you learn from your mother?

The incredible gift of of the knowledge of God.  That He is real and alive today was taught to me by my Mother.  Each and every day we would take a moment to read the Bible and pray as a family.

Question 3: What advice would you give to a new Mom?

To weave into your child's life the reality of a God who deeply loves and favors you--would be the paramount lesson to teach your child, as found in the Bible.

Second, to manage your work schedule to a degree that your children have YOU to care for them, and not to hire caretakers on a daily basis for extended periods of time.  So much of our lives is spent on "having to survive" that we forfeit the treasures and the joys of our own children.

You miss the embrace of their world, among a multitude of other lessons--far too exhaustive to mention here.

Mom, thank you so much for sharing your heart.  I love you dearly.  Growing up I am so thankful that you brought me to church and taught me about God and prayed with me.  Those treasures I will have forever.

My Mother in Law

My other mom whom I have called Mom since the moment she asked me to.  I had called her Mrs. Mac for years while John and I dated, but after John proposed (I will never forget this) maybe a few weeks or days later, I was visiting after work and we were all hanging out in the living room watching Seinfeld, and I called her Mrs. Mac, and she said, "Kris, you know you can call me Mom!" and with tears in my eyes I said, "Ok," and never looked back.  She has always made me feel a part of the family and important.

As Grandma Judy she is the grandma who takes the kids outside to play in the backyard or will play on the floor with them, she changes diapers, serves lunch or dinner, watches movies with them, and really just enjoys spending quality time with them.  She LOVES the grand kids and they LOVE her back!  She has given Julia some very special jewelry from her own mother and from her own jewelry box and she has always made Julia feel EXTRA special as the first granddaughter, but she is very FAIR.  If she brings one gift for one kid, everyone gets something!  I like that!  I guess because she had a son and a daughter she knows all about making things FAIR.

Question 1: What is your greatest joy being a mom?

There is more than just one, but here are a few: them being born (a total miracle), knowing they are happy and having someone you can always count on.

Question 2: What important lesson did you learn from your mom?

I learned to always go with your heart and do what's right.

Question 3: What advice would you give to a new mom?

Take advice from someone who has more experience than you (like your mom) love and keep your children close, and love them unconditionally.

Mom, thank you for the gift of your son and your unconditional love.  I love being a part of your family.  It has brought me much joy these past 20 years getting to know all of you and being part of your lives.  I am so glad God chose you all to be my second family.  You have taught me so much about loyalty and faithfulness and love.  I love you!  And thanks for offering me your friendship and letting me call you Mom!!!


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